Men and women need a God-centered vision for conjugal life. We need to connect God to the marriage bed.

By attending our parents, honoring our brother and sister, and living for our community, we complete the children’s realm of heart and the brother-sister realm of heart. We come to know God’s love personally. We come to know our value as God’s only begotten Son and only begotten Daughter.

Men and women need to connect God to the marriage bed.  

Our mind and body have united and become God’s Temple. We now are ready to give absolute love to a spouse, and to be a responsible parent.

This means we are ready to enter the conjugal realm of heart. We are ready to experience the husband-wife love in which God and the cosmos will dwell. We are ready to make our male-female union into God’s Temple.

The Holy Marriage Blessing opens this gateway—the gateway of absolute sex. Absolute sex means that, on the foundation of purity and fidelity, our sexual love is “the center of goodness, where the purpose of creation is fulfilled.”

This is True Family Values marriage spirituality: “Here God, our Parent, draws near and abides within His perfected children and rests peacefully for eternity. …God can be stimulated with joy for eternity. This is the place where the Word of God is incarnated.”

This means that our union is the image of God. As Jesus taught, “at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’.”

This is the place where the Word of God is incarnated.

In God’s image, the husband represents God’s masculinity and the wife God’s femininity. The husband represents all yang, the wife all yin. Our true conjugal love therefore represents the harmony of the cosmos. My spouse is endowed with cosmic value. Our love returns ownership of the universe to God.  

In God’s image, the husband represents all men and the wife all women. Therefore, our love represents the love of all men and all women. This makes our love the foundation for peace in the home, peace in the community, peace in the nation and peace in the world.

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