Tomorrow, our True Mother will lead the Global Rally for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula. I’d like to offer a biblical reflection on this event.

Christ loves the church as his Bride, and his Bride finally appears in the Book of Revelation. There, she is likened to a Holy City filled with those who have washed their robes. She is foreseen to come down from Heaven to be married to the Lamb of God.

The Bible’s conclusion is a prophecy of the Holy Marriage Blessing.

After their marriage, she together with the Bridegroom utter Christ’s final biblical word, and that word is “Come!” Come where? Come to receive a “share in the tree of life and in the Holy City.” What could that mean? The tree of life is the true Adam; the Holy City is the true Eve. True Adam and Eve are the True Parents. In other words, the Bible’s conclusion is a prophecy of the Holy Marriage Blessing, where we receive the water of life.

This is the biblical context for the Global Rally for Peaceful Reunification. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is the only begotten Daughter, the Bride. The world has never seen the Bride, never dreamed of the Bride. The world is defenseless against her love. False Eve got Satan started; True Eve will vanquish him.

With her, the men of this world cannot but fulfill mother-son cooperation. The women of this world cannot but arise at her call. We’ve had great women leaders, but none has proclaimed that she is God’s only begotten Daughter, that she with her husband embody the power of salvation. The world never imagined it. It is new wine. 

 Satan’s world never expected the Bride to arise.

Satan’s world is caught by surprise. It thought that with True Father gone, the True Family movement would either go secular, go sectarian, or go south. It never expected the Bride to arise. Advance without ceasing wasn’t on the devil’s radar.

The Holy City that comes down through True Mother will tip the world from prurience to purity, from weapons to wisdom. Tomorrow will be the tipping point of peace. 

(References: Eph 5; Rev 22:3-4, 14; Rev 21:9-10; Rev 22:17; Rev. 22:19.) 


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