The Noblest and Most Generous Model of Government – Cheon Il Guk Constitution Episode 07


Father Moon said that true love brings about true government. His model of true love was filial piety. John Adams wrote, “The noblest principles and most generous affections in our nature” bring about “the noblest and most generous models of government.” But he discarded parent-child love. Adams wrote that in relation to the mother country, Americans had a “radical change;” their “filial affections ceased,” and this was “the real revolution.” Parent-child love went to America’s back-burner. It took True Parents to bring it back.


  1. the ideal of new expression of Truth about Agape love of God is Revelation 22:1
    that Idea who right TIME has come since the Coronation of God
    on 1/13/2001 , the Original Parents God relationship with Prodigal Parent
    is therefore a Idea of God ,more powerful that a invading Army ,
    for our God is the win win situation after the Fait accompli that our God is IV Israel


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