On March 16 in Las Vegas, True Mother said, ”I have patiently waited and endured for a long time. I was born and grew as Heavenly Parent’s daughter. This is why even if no one taught me the Divine Principle, I knew Heaven’s providence. That is how I made a firm resolve at a young age. I became the subject.”

“In the future, the Divine Principle will need many updates.”

That’s a strong assertion, which led to a statement even stronger: “In the future, the Divine Principle will need many updates.”

Such declarations call us to reflect upon what True Father said on these subjects. Let’s begin with the updating part. Exposition of Divine Principle itself says, “The words proclaimed on these pages are only a portion of this truth. This volume is merely a compilation of what his disciples have hitherto heard and seen. We believe and hope that when the time is ripe, more profound portions of the truth will be published.”

The author wrote this because Father said it. Father repeated it in a 1965 Q&A session with American members. In one answer, here is how he put it: “The Divine Principle does not yet reveal my personal history. Once my personal history is known as part of the Divine Principle, no one in the world can ever deny this truth.”

So Father said that his personal history will become, but is not yet, part of the Divine Principle. That is, there’s going to be an update.

“The words proclaimed on these pages are only a portion of this truth.”

Later in the session, Father’s interpreter, Mrs. Won Bok Choi, returned to this topic: “At the present time he can reveal nearly all of the Principle but there are still some things that he does not tell. He explains that the story of his life is not yet part of the Divine Principle. When requested to tell about himself, he asks, ‘Are you ready to bear the responsibility to know that truth?’ Our Leader does not feel that we are ready now, but will be at a later time. We …must wait for that part which only he can tell us.”

Not only that which only he can tell us, but that which only True Mother can tell us. And that takes us to her “no one taught me Principle” statement. We’ll look at that on Wednesday.

(This begins a series on True Mother’s March 16, 2018 speech at the Famicon, Las Vegas, which I consider a “sermon on the mount.” Citations: The passage from the Q&A session is from a hard copy in my possession. It is on page 4 and 7 of the document labeled “The Master Speaks on the Lord of the Second Advent—MS-1(2)” www.tparents.org has the first half of this session, but not the second. I will send it to Gary Fleisher for publication. The Principle passage is from Exposition of Divine Principle p. 12. True Mother’s words at Famicon are found at https://familyfed.org/true-mothers-words-on-march-16-2018-at-ipec-las-vegas/.)


  1. This is quite interesting, but I have a question.

    The ‘Divine Principle’ is not only the book but, as we know, the truth spoken by True Parents (sometimes referred to as the ‘Principle.’) Therefore, what did True Mother and True Father both mean when they shared that the ‘Divine Principle’ will need many updates?

    If we go to the original Korean, when Mother was at Famicon, what she actually said was that the ‘Exposition of the Divine Principle’ will need many updates. Therefore, I wonder if, with the addition of things like the Cham Bu Mo Gyeong and the new Anthology of True Mother, True Parent’s words are being fulfiled.

    So, what were they referring to when they said that more will be added to the Divine Principle. Did they mean the release of new scripture, or if were they specifically referring to the Divine Principle book.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

  2. I assume she was referring to the DP book itself. The great volume of Father’s words and her words, and Father’s life and her life, Father said, will become part of the DP. Mother never said that the Heavenly Scriptures are the new DP or an updated DP. When Father worked on the DP, it was that specific book, meaning a written, systematic, theological expression of the Principle.

  3. True Father is talking about here, is about the path of Rebirth,Seonghwa awhile alive on the earth, only those who have been through that can truly understanding the meaning of his words. This refers to entering the world before the fall, when our mind and body are united. Rebirth Ressurection and eternal life. What has happened until now in the unification church, incluindo the blessings is all symbolic. And because we’ve failed many times Father had to make new condition to rescue us. Father went to spirit world before foundation day because of our sins. He left the path of Rebirth through Seounwha. In the end he spoke a lot about the Assembly speech, He said this is the most important speech. Your all have to have this speech.The formula it’s here, indeed this speech talk about Seonghwa, Rebirth. Rebirth is registering in heaven before the fall. We must pass to the completion stage only through Seounwha awhile alive!


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