Only the divorced spouses can restore a marriage. Only Koreans can unite Korea. This was Father’s message:

“We can no longer afford to allow our destiny as a people to be decided by the influences of outside forces.”

The Korean peninsula was divided not because our people desired it.

“The Korean peninsula was divided not because our people desired it. …Korea needs to build its subjective influence in order to get neighboring powers to cooperate in unifying the Korean peninsula.”

“Today we need to make certain that the influence of foreign powers is never in a position to determine the future path of our people.”

True Mother’s message complemented this perfectly by proclaiming the glory of the marriage. In November, 2017, at her rally of 80,000 for Korean reunification, True Mother declared Korea’s identity and mission: “I want you to know that the chosen people is the Han race, the people of the Korean peninsula. …I will say this to the Korean people today: We have received Heaven’s Blessing. We must live lives by which we can receive and share that Blessing.” Thus, True Mother interposed God’s grace and God’s transcendent ideal into the marriage that the spouses had abandoned.

Three months later, the wife welcomed her husband to the Olympics, cared for him, and lifted him up. Two months after that, the leaders representing husband and wife embraced. The dance is beginning.

As they unify, the parents will take the subject partner position to the world.

Soon the leader representing the elder son will meet his father. The children create the environment in which their parents can make oneness. The elder son must hold his father accountable, balance the powers of his sibling nations, and get them all out of the way. His mother, who is the source of prosperity, peace and propagation, may be tempted to offer her body prematurely, but the elder son must insist that she first witness her husband giving up his life of crime, drugs and oppression.

The key is that husband and wife talk to each other in the spirit that True Father spoke of continually—Godism, the practice of perfect love. “If South Koreans love North Korea more than they love the South, and North Koreans love South Korea more than they love the North, we could unify the peninsula today.”

As they unify, the parents will take the subject partner position to the world. United, the Korean peninsula will become a God-centered model for all nations.

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  1. But International marriages and interreligious can be welcomed even between hangeul and from an other nation. The Heart is the important.


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