The Divine Principle’s lessons from Adam’s family illuminates the predestination of True Mother.

First, it speaks of “God’s conditional predestination of the accomplishment of His Will and His absolute respect for the human portion of responsibility.” Providential victories are predestined and based on conditions: “God predestined that His Will be accomplished based on the combined fulfillment of God’s portion of responsibility and the human portion of responsibility.”

Providential victories are predestined and based on conditions.

Let us apply this to the predestination of the True Mother of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Principle states that “God predestines those whom He foreknows, then He calls upon him to fulfill the purpose of the providence.” Did He foreknow women other than Hak Ja Han becoming the True Mother? Yes—to name two: Eve, and Jesus’ would-be bride. But they did not fulfill “the purpose of the providence.”

“Calling the person is God responsibility, but that alone does not entitle the person to be justified before God and given glory. Only when the person completes his responsibility …is he justified and then glorified.”

God foreknew that Hak Ja Han qualified to be the True Mother, and called her. Only Hak Ja Han completed her responsibility. Only Hak Ja Han is justified before God and given glory.

Second, the lessons from Adam’s family teach God’s absolute respect for us. To illustrate, “God could not instruct Cain and Abel on how to properly make their sacrifices.” For Cain to “make his sacrifice with Abel’s help” was their responsibility.

Therefore, when True Mother stated that no one educated her, she was testifying to the Principle. To perfect herself was her responsibility.

He had told her from the outset, “even I don’t know all that it will involve.”

True Father stated “I gave her basic guidelines,” but at the same time, Father “intentionally ignored Mother, almost casting her aside. …Mother didn’t know what was going on and Father never explained it to her.” After all, with respect to their path as a couple, he had told her from the outset, “even I don’t know all that it will involve.”

Externally, Hak Ja Han had to be absolutely obedient, grateful, and free of complaint. Internally, in Father’s words, she had “to undergo a course of battles in heart, in body and in faith that no one else can fathom.”

True Father honored his wife’s portion of responsibility. He did not intervene or interfere, but acted only upon the actual results that she brought.

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  1. “By having the Holy Wedding Ceremony of Perfected True Parents when I become 93 years old and mother becomes 70 years old, we will enter the era in which True Parents will go with all (the Blessed) families heading for a perfected heaven and earth. Our birthday next year will be for this wedding ceremony. Fallen parents (Adam and Eve), without accomplishing their responsibility, messed around with everything in heaven and earth, but by having the wedding ceremony when True Parents can proclaim their perfection, we need to re-establish the standard of liberating the nation centering on 36 couples, 72 couples, 124 couples, and 430 couples, and call all the Blessed families (to Korea).”
    August 29, 2011; Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea
    Hoon Dok Hae

    On August 29, 2011, True Father spoke his words about the future “Perfection Level Blessing of True Parents” that was to take place on his birthday in 2012.

    The day prior to this planned Holy Wedding of True Parents in early 2012, True Father canceled the wedding and gave Mother one more year to achieve the required level of unity with Father. Father passed (Sept. 3, 2012) into the spiritual world before his next birthday in 2013 and the final stage, the Holy Wedding Ceremony of Perfected True Parents (perfection stage wedding), never took place.

    “God wasn’t finished with His creation. Individual perfection of the creation wasn’t done yet. The perfection of a couple wasn’t done yet. These must be done.”
    March 26, 2012, King Garden, Hawaii
    Hoon Dok Hae

  2. Sorry to be so late in reply. True Parents actually were dressed for the occasion of the 3rd wedding; there are photos. My understanding is that it was carried out on a low-key scale and not offered as a complete condition to Heaven, the reason being that Hyungjin-nim had not brought Hyunjin-nim to attend. In 2011, Father said that the third wedding is not the responsibility of the parents, but of the children. True Mother completed the condition to offer the third wedding on Foundation Day, 2013.


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