I have introduced the three essential responsibilities that, due to the Fall, became three indemnity conditions. We will see how these weave through history and shape our salvation in True Parents today.

Our topic today is predestination. Are the only begotten son and daughter predestined? The answer is yes, according to the Divine Principle definition of predestination.

In fact, God predestines the ideal of every person on the basis of their nation, lineage, education and training, personal character, and time and place in the providence. The predestination to be the only begotten son or daughter includes something unique: the fulfillment of the three indemnity conditions.

Our True Parents were born on the foundation that God is the child’s only Parent.

Those whose parents meet these conditions are born sin-free. The parents of Jesus and his would-be Bride, and of our True Parents, stood on that foundation. God was the child’s only Parent; Satan had no condition to claim their birth. On this foundation, blessed couples give birth to sin-free children, one substance with God. As True Mother stated to a gathering of second generation, “Your essence is True Parents.”

But that’s not the end of the story. One does not realize what one was predestined to be, and become what one was predestined to be, except by fulfilling one’s 5%. This is true for all people, including blessed children, and including the Lord and his Bride.

In other words, a person’s predestination appears in their accomplishments. The proof is in the pudding. Jesus taught that the tree is not known until it bears fruit. I call it “postdestination.” You don’t realize it was predestined until it happens. And it happening depends on your 5%.

The Bible illustrates this in the teaching that the stone the builders rejected turns out to be the cornerstone. The builders don’t know which one is the cornerstone until they get to the corner. As Acts 4:11 reads “Jesus is ‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’”

One becomes what one was predestined to be by fulfilling one’s 5%. 

The next verse in Acts honors the fruits of the fulfillment of human responsibility: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” So too we honor our True Father, who fulfilled his responsibility to rebuild the house on Jesus’ cornerstone and welcome the Bride.

The legend of King Arthur and parable of the virgins teach us more. To be continued…

(References: Author’s notes from True Mother’s talk to second generation gathered at East Garden, December 4, 2016. The photo is published by Miguel Calvis, FFWPU Spain.)

And am I the only one who notices the similarity between the following photos?


The second was taken by Jack Toren; copyright Unification Theological Seminary.



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