God gave birth to the first Adam, purposing him to be the True Father. Adam fell, and all men take after him. In other words, each and every fallen man is essentially another Adam, who failed to master the angel and love Eve. On Monday I shared how on the first day of the 3-Day Ceremony, the blessed wife, one with the Lord, gives her husband a fresh start as a new Adam.

Jesus ended his days alone. There was no mother.

Fallen Adam in the spirit world wants to fulfill his purpose of creation, and he will do it through the blessed husband. Adam never grew to maturity, never attained the qualification to marry. The blessed husband grows to maturity and gains that qualification on the Ceremony’s second day. On that day, the blessed wife brings the new Adam into her womb and rebirths him as the one man who reached maturity and was qualified to marry: Jesus.

As all men take after fallen Adam, all men take after the crucified and resurrected Jesus. We suffer and fall short of our life’s purpose. We die single in God’s eyes. Over this, Jesus feels immense sorrow, on our behalf as well as personally. He was the Bridegroom. He told parables of a wedding feast. He served his mother’s bidding at a wedding. But he ended his days alone. There was no mother. “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

God wants Jesus to experience blessed conjugal life, and Jesus wants all men to inherit his absolute faith, love and obedience to God and, on that foundation, receive the Blessing. For this reason, Jesus called our victorious True Parents. Through them, on the Ceremony’s second day, every husband is reborn as a new Jesus. Going beyond Jesus’ lonely death and resurrection, we now are to go to the Blessing with him.

The blessed wife gives birth to her husband in Jesus’ position.

True Parents call blessed couples to comfort Jesus’ heart after the Blessing. This means to establish a tribal foundation. Jesus was to have advanced based upon a tribal foundation, Zechariah’s and Joseph’s families united as one. On that foundation, with his elder brother and their younger sister, Jesus would have established a national foundation, created a true family and blessed the world. With a commitment to this mission, the blessed wife gives her husband birth in Jesus’ position.

(References: Mt 8:20.)



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