National Restoration – Episode 03 – Education with Moral Standards


National Restoration

In our True Parents Way videos, we’ve been talking about personal and family dynamics with God. But we live in a big world. The amazing thing is, the principles that guide to success in personal wholeness, and in marriage and family, are the same principles that rule nations.

In this video series, we will see that the principles of love between man and woman that need restoration on the personal and family level also apply in very practical ways to the restoration of nations.


  1. Very good. Thanks for all.
    I am very very happy and would like to participate more conferences and meetings. I hope you will understand me. I am a young Togolese agronomist of 26 years old. Secretary General of Association for Friendship, the Culture, the Environment and the Childhood. I take initiative to become in this year the Ambassador of Peace to UPF.


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