Divine Principle teaches that “spiritual realities resonate through the [earthly person’s] body and manifest themselves as physiological phenomena.”

Creating a baby through sexual intercourse is the ultimate manifestation of this, for “the multiplication of human spirits takes place at the same time that the multiplication of physical selves occurs: during earthly life.”

Spiritual realities resonate through the …body and manifest themselves as physiological phenomena.

How to describe this resonance of love and life? Divine Principle puts it this way:  

“The whole cosmos …[will] dance in harmony. … the entire universe will perform a spherical movement with a unified purpose. …Where they become perfectly one in heart and body as husband and wife is also the place where God …and human beings …become united. …Our Parent draws near and abides within His perfected children and rests peacefully for eternity. … God can be stimulated with joy for eternity.”

True Father put it this way to the Family Federation inauguration audience:

“Human beings irresistibly seek the point at which they become one with the vertical standard of God. That point must be the center, and man and woman must meet each other at that point. …Only at that place will God …rejoice centering on absolute love. In that place, husband and wife, who are love partners, also will rejoice.”

Because of this deep give and receive action with the spirit world, our love, which is spiritual and physical, has an eternal nature. Divine Principle explains,

“For anything to have an eternal nature it must move in a circle; give and take action between a subject partner and an object partner is necessary for any circular motion. This is true even for God; having dual characteristics allows Him to live eternally.”

The uniting of sperm and ovum in true love is the mind-body, male-female circular motion by which we “resemble [God’s] eternal nature and [are] His eternal object partner.”  

Blessed marriage is the divine dual characteristics in circular motion.

Blessed marriage is the divine dual characteristics in circular motion. The oneness of sperm and ovum is our common base with not only God but with our ancestors—the people through whom we inherit our DNA. Our ancestors return to rest joyfully in our blessed love.

Indeed, the cosmos resonates with blessed love. This is what makes the kingdom, Heaven.

Thus True Father told his audience that God put the most work into the sexual organs, and that they do not perish.

(Note: References: “In Search of the Origin of the Universe;” Exposition of Divine Principle Creation 2.6. Note that this explains the transmission of original sin: the first parents’ emotions and unprincipled partnership with evil angels attach to the new baby. The artwork is by Marc Chagall.)


– TH



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