We continue the True Family Values’ map through the four realms of heart, picking up in the middle of Part Four.

The sexual revolution, which bears similarities to communism, promotes premature sex. It has created a culture of immorality that leads most young people to lose their sexual purity. This destroys brother-sister heart and in turn prevents us from entering the husband and wife and parents’ realms of heart. This is the root of family breakdown.

To counter the sexual revolution, first we have to explain its cause.

To counter the sexual revolution, first we have to explain its cause—how the first young people lost their sexual purity. Then we need to discover the power to be sexually pure. It begins not just by means of “thou shalt nots,” but through a compelling positive vision for marriage.

Part Five, “God’s Plan for Conjugal Love,” presents this vision for marriage as the place of ultimate happiness, where God’s love merges with the couple’s love. Naturally, since we are wired for God to be present and He is not, sex leaves us unsatisfied and unhappy. This leads to frustration and, all too often, abuse, infidelity and divorce.

Since the failure of brother-sister love blocks God from entering the conjugal realm, Jesus told us to remain as brothers and sisters, to be celibate. We can practice true parental love as elder siblings, but not as actual parents. To remove the blockage, we need God’s grace.

God works His providence through people on Earth.

Part Six, “True Parental Love,” sets forth a model of true parenting. Parents desire that their children inherit their love by grace, grow in their image, and develop love to further heights. This is God’s deepest desire as well. But we inherit God’s love from our earthly parents, and, due to the failure of the first parents, no one, including our own parents, inherited it. All of us need parents who bequeath God’s love.

For this cause, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han were called by Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit. They restored Adam and Eve’s path of true children and perfected the four realms of heart. Father and Mother Moon built the model of the true family. They convey the grace of God’s Blessing that liberates us to do the same.

– TH


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