On God’s Day of 1977, True Father made a bold proclamation about God and True Parents.

Mother and I are truly living with you in person.

First, about God: “When you go to spirit world, you not only have a Heavenly Father but also a Heavenly Mother.”

Second, about man and woman: “Adam and Eve are the manifestation of the duality of God, the two essentialities of God manifested as two persons.”

Third, about himself and True Mother: “When you pray hard or when you have spiritual experiences …not only I appear but also Mother. …You can feel that Mother and I are truly living with you in person. …the invisible God …can manifest through True Mother’s and my image. We are His visible image here on earth. …God shows Himself through us to you, His children.”

Simply put: As God is One, True Parents are One.

Decades later, True Father and True Mother proclaimed throughout the world that they are “the corporeal True Parents of heaven, earth and humankind, who complete and manifest God’s true and essential nature in substance.”

To accept this is an act of faith.

And this brings us to the fourth point, the implications for blessed couples. True Father said that the word “divorce” does not exist in God’s ideal world. True Mother testified that the Holy Marriage Blessing opens the gate to that world of freedom from divorce:

“The covenants of love formed that day,” she said, “are eternal and absolute. Such marriage bonds can never be seen as conditional or limited, because true love seeks to give perpetually. When two people come together in such love, they form an eternal association that no force can sunder.”

God reveals His and Her divinity through True Parents’ humanity.

She said that this “eternal association” is the salvation of the world, and that other means are “fragmentary or superficial.” Why? Because they exclude God.

That is, to deny that marriage is absolute, to deny that, in True Parents, divorce disappears, is to exclude God.

We have learned that God’s divinity is revealed through True Parents’ humanity. This revelation is appropriated by faith. Our faith is that no force, including death, can sunder True Parents’ conjugal oneness and, on that foundation, blessed couples’ conjugal oneness.

We are free to believe otherwise, but to do so is to understand God differently. It is to exclude the God revealed by True Parents.

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