Together with diverse religious and political leaders, True Mother is founding a global realm of multi-dimensional peace. This is a remarkable accomplishment for anyone, much more so for a woman, but from Father’s Moon’s perspective, it is a mission only a woman can—and must—accomplish.

True Father’s words about the revolutionary responsibility of women were very clear: “Originally, women pulled Satan in, so women have to kick him out. In our course of God’s Will, women have to overcome Communism in order to restore the nation and the world.”

True Fathers words about the revolutionary responsibility of women were very clear.

“The power of the People’s Army is so strong that in the history of restoration Eve on the heavenly side has to conquer them.”

“Unless you can fight against the People’s Army to win, you can’t resolve [women’s] resentment [over the fact] that Eve on the heavenly side was sold to men in the satanic world, who are the same as the archangel.”

“Because they are fallen archangels originally, Eve has to dominate them. Eve has to digest everything, even Satan.”

By so doing, Father explained, women liberate men: “Once you stand up, armed with faith and the theory that women in the Unification family will completely dismiss the People’s Army of men, when the evil enemy perishes, men on the heavenly side will dance with joy.”

But it is deeper than liberation; it is women giving birth to men: “Everyone who lives in this world was born through the mother’s fortune. …Who gives their own flesh and blood to them, holds and protects them, makes them a valuable existence? The baby is born through the mother’s womb. The father just sows seeds.”

The group with the courage and power are the women with Unification Thought

In Father Moon’s mind, God prepared his wife, God’s only begotten Daughter, to fulfill that responsibility. In 1987, True Father said, “Mother has been setting a condition to embrace and save both the democratic and Communist realms on the world wide level.”

On November 11, 2017, True Mother, representing all women, took a stand for her husband and the world, to create the environment in which the People’s Army can come to God. She fulfilled True Father’s prophecy: “The group with the courage and power to pull a declining world in darkness up to bright daylight and morning are the women with Unification Thought.”

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  1. making some mysterious sense, there seems to be more to the scriptures and divine agenda than meet the eyes.
    this generation is indeed in need of more ”teachers” than we need ”preachers”
    I fully concur!


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