Through True Parents, Heavenly Parent unified heaven and earth as the substantial Canaan. Heavenly Parent dwells in the center, the Temple, the Most Holy Place. The Blessing baptizes man and woman who together desire to enter True Parents’ love, life and lineage.

The Blessing washes all fallen realms: family, tribe, people, nation, heaven and earth. Those who receive it truly enter the Fatherland and the Motherland of peace and freedom, with no lawyers, prosecutors or judges, no armies and weapons of destruction, only the eternal, absolute and unchanging law of the family.

Those who receive the Blessing truly enter the Fatherland and the Motherland.

The tribal messiahs represent the nation and fulfill True Father’s prophecy that “externally we are leading the communist realm to surrender, and internally we are establishing the law of the family. When this expands and connects to the world stage, we will complete the kingdom of heaven on earth.”

True Father gathered the ingredients and, at the HJ Cheonwon, True Mother is preparing the banquet. There, where the Peace Road ends, an International Ideal City receives all nations through the Family Federation, Women’s Federation and Youth and Students for Peace. There blossom Heaven’s art and culture. Parliamentarians, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and journalists build the framework for the soft rain of God’s Word to bring a new spring upon the earth.

There all humankind will learn of the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents, the triumph of restoration through indemnity, the victory of three generations. All wounds will be healed, the pain rooted in love beyond words forgotten.

Its essence is the four-position foundation known by all: hyo jeong, vertical love, dwelling in choltae song, horizontal love. It’s not socialist; it’s sociable.

If the wife does not get approved, then the husband cannot get approved either.

It comes in the age of the only begotten Daughter. “Now is the time that women can succeed in life, too. For whom? [For Father.] Without me, everything will be chaos. In the Unification Church, women are now superior.”

Divine Principle teaches, “devout believers should become his brides …they are to live in the Kingdom of Heaven in oneness with him …Therefore, the Completed Testament Age …is the age of the heifer, or the age of the wife.” Let us, with True Mother, fulfill True Father’s words: “You have to become the person that I can be proud of, and about whom God can proudly say to others: ‘Follow Unification Church women.’”

(Citations: Chambumo Gyeong, p. 455; The Way of Unification in God’s Providence, pp. 428, 429, 426; Exposition of Divine Principle, Part 2, Ch. 2, Sec. 2-1-3-1. This concludes the True Parents Way series, “The Third Reformation.” I will now focus on preparing my UTS online course, “The Life and Thought of Sun Myung and Hak Ja Han Moon.” I encourage you to sign up for the course, at My blog articles will resume in April. Our weekly videos and podcasts will continue their regular schedule. Thank you for your viewership.)


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