True Parents’ ministry embraces the vertical and horizontal, the spirit world and physical world.

From spirit world, Jesus called Sun Myung Moon, whereupon, the young man said, “I committed myself unyieldingly in pursuit of truth, searching the hills and valleys of the spirit world.”

As True Parents minister on earth, they also minister in spirit world. “The spirit world is one step ahead of us,” True Father said, “breaking open the age of the peace kingdom.”  

As True Parents minister on earth, they also minister in spirit world.

True Mother carries this ministry forward, knowing that, as she once said, “only the True Parents come with the authority to govern the spirit world.” Therefore, in Senegal, she addressed not only 1,200 African leaders on earth but the entire African spirit world, on Goree Island, the site representing the Atlantic slave trade.

“Heavenly Parent!” True Mother prayed, “The True Parents, True Mother, the only daughter of God, has come here today. Christianity did not know your deep will nor Jesus’ essence, and left a sorrowful history here in Africa. Where did Jesus’ words of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ go? How could they treat people this way because of differences in skin color?

“Please remember the people of Africa who have endured and waited for more than 500 sorrowful years. Beloved Heavenly Parent! Today, in the name of True Parents, I liberate the sorrowful spirits of Goree Island. Through a spiritual workshop conducted by Heavenly Parent, they can be resurrected as good spirits, return to earth and be with their descendants so that Africa can become an Africa that can realize the dream of one human family centered on Heavenly Parent, and become the light and lamp of the world.”

Allow this place, at Goree Island, to connect directly to Cheongshimwon in the restored Garden of Eden.

True Parents mixed earth from Cheonjunggung with earth from Goree Island, sanctified the island, and proclaimed, “Allow this place, at Goree Island, at the door of no return, to connect directly to Cheongshimwon in the restored Garden of Eden, so that we can see the dawn of the day of eternal liberation!”

Next month True Mother will minister to the Olympian youth and their governments at YongPyong with that resurrected spirit world of Africa, the light and the lamp of the world, channeling through her. She is embodying True Father’s Word, “live for the sake of others, …in personal life, in organizations, in spirit world. …What has been called the kingdom of heaven on earth is precisely such a world.”

(Citations are from Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, Book 1 Speech 14, and Book 2 Speeches 5, 6, 7 and 11. True Mother’s words on Goree Island are taken from the Peace TV Weekly Update, Jan 27, 2018. The photo is of True Mother with the mayor of Goree Island.)


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