Cheon Il Guk Constitution Episode 04 – The Nation of Freedom


The American Declaration of Independence implies that having rights and freedom leads to happiness, but this is not so. The “freedom” to do whatever one desires can lead to unhappiness when one’s desires are selfish. Selfish desires lead to addiction to objects that forever tempt and never satisfy. As the 20 million plus Americans addicted to opioids can testify, this is neither happiness nor freedom. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution provides a radically deeper spiritual and moral foundation.


  1. The new pilgrim Age has a pilgrim progress “white man burden ” is to all ,everyone receive a New Heart,to become True Sanctuary for the New Heart of God , God is in a New situation since 1/13/2001
    God is able to make a New circumcision after the Coronation of God , for God became the spiritual win win situation able to reveal direct Revelation 22:1 to Prodigal Parents cell ,that day of spiritual re-conception again is God’s D Day ,be prepared for the hour is late


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