How can we comprehend True Mother’s declarations that she is the only daughter of God? First of all, men-folk, just accept it. True Father already told us: “Even though woman has a lot of suffering, man can’t even enter the world of a woman’s heart, a deep valley of love. Man can’t reach it. Even any explanation can’t reach it.”

Fess up: we’ve abused womankind, and who among women suffered the most? True Father said, “When we go to the spirit world, if we ask which women throughout the world suffered most, we get the answer, ‘It’s Korean women.’”

When drought comes, water will come out from the deepest valley.

But through every cross comes a resurrection. Of women’s suffering, True Father said, “Such a thing is evil in one sense. However, one day when drought comes, water will come out from the deepest valley. …The person who was wounded and was most miserable, who could not wear clothes, now gets the best clothes first. The person who wore the best clothes will be the last to be changed spiritually. I’m sorry, but he’ll be the last one. Therefore, the Bible said, ‘The last will be first and the first will be last.’”

The women of the last nation become the first. “When a woman becomes like a piece of rag that is ripped completely, then at last she can be re-created. Therefore, the history of re-creation will start from the nation where women have suffered unbearably, historically.”

To his women followers in Korea, True Father said, “The time will come when you will go to the world and establish a foundation for the realm of heavenly women who can lead people in the world.”

And he called one woman as the representative: “Because all four-position foundations were lost due to woman’s fall, all things that were lost need to be restored centered on one woman. …In the course of restoration history, a central woman resolves the failure of the two men that was caused by Eve.”

Just as when God called Jesus ‘My Son,’ the only daughter whom God could call ‘My Daughter’ was born.

This was the foundation for True Mother’s proclamation:

“I want you to know that the chosen people is the Han race, the people of the Korean peninsula. … Through this people and on the Christian foundation, just as …when God called Jesus ‘My Son,’ …the only daughter whom God could call ‘My Daughter’ was born.”

She followed these words with a telling question: “Isn’t this something to be joyful about and thankful for?”


(Citations: The Way of Unification in God’s Providence, pp. 411-413, 416-418; Matthew 20:16; Hak Ja Han Moon, “The Truth of History from the Viewpoint of Heaven’s Providence, and This Nation’s Mission,” November 11, 2017.)


  1. I am yet to believe Korean women are the most mistreated except africa is beyond the scope of your audience. if there’s a literal hell fire and africa is not a compartment of it, then there’s the need to study harder to know why. africa needs God urgently in whatever mould, we simply need help! our issue is out of descriptive format.

  2. The wounds of Africa are self inflicted. Just like in America, the biggest problem in Africa is that of sexual misbehavior. The Asian culture has actually been that of living for the sake of other, while the culture of Africa has been of self interest. Has there been terrible things going on in Africa throughout history? Yes. But by no means is it relevant when trying to resolve its own issues. First you recognize their is a problem, next you solve it. You do not resolve a problem while deciding to stay in the past. If Africa cannot Accept God into their hearts fully (and follow the 2nd Coming of Christ), then Africa will continue to have self inflicted wounds.


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