As fallen people, we are in Cain’s position, with sin crouching at our door. Through True Parents, we separate from Satan. To accomplish this, True Father said, “Cain must subject himself to Abel.”

The key term is “subject himself.” To be Cain’s victory, It has to be Cain’s choice.

The key term is “subject himself.” It has to be Cain’s choice.

True Father’s illustration is as fascinating as it is surprising:

“In terms of the dispensation, Abraham was in the Cain position and Isaac was in the Abel position. Isaac afforded the means to remedy Abraham’s failure. Cain killed Abel, and Abraham was in the position to kill Isaac.”

This means that the one in the Abel position—Isaac, or Jesus, or True Parents—gives their life and love to Cain. They put their life in Cain’s hands, just as Jacob put his life in Esau’s hands.

Then Cain realizes that by submitting to Abel—by overcoming his desire to reject and defame, to attack and kill, he finds his life.

The revelation to Cain comes by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cooperates with Abel; this is the essential mother-son cooperation. The Holy Spirit struck Abraham. She struck Esau. She strikes us when we accept Jesus and True Parents.

Then we begin the path of Hyo Jeong, for the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Hyo Jeong.

Won Ju McDevitt, the head of True Mother’s Secretariat, explained Hyo Jeong beautifully:

“The [subject partner] of service is not I who serve, but the other. In a family, for example, even if we diligently serve our parents, if our parents are uncomfortable, the service is not good. To me, to serve is to put True Parents at ease.”

The recipient of the blessing is vulnerable, as Adam was before the Fall.

Hyo Jeong is true freedom, and True Parents themselves are the model of Hyo Jeong. Mrs. McDevitt continued:

“The reason I could live this life of service was that True Parents set this tradition of attendance for Heavenly Parent. [From them] I learned the tradition of Hyo Jeong. Their sole purpose [is] to release the Heavenly Parent, the True Parent of the universe, and restore the lost parental position.”

Self-subjugation and Hyo Jeong are the first two qualifications to hold an office. The third is results.

(Citations: “Master Speaks on Blessing and Witnessing,” March and April, 1965. There are two texts with the same title in this series. One is identified as MS-2 and the other, MS-2 (2). Today’s citations from True Father are on pages 3 and 4 of MS-2 (2). Only MS-2 has been posted on I have sent my copy of MS-2 (2) to and it should be available soon; Mrs. McDevitt’s words are from “Cheon Il Guk Leaders Meeting,” September 10, 2017.)


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