After separating from Satan, we receive God’s blessing. True Father explained the blessing’s conditional nature:

“The blessing of God is always a blessing of promise. …For example, in God’s promise to Adam, …God gave the promise first and then He gave the commandment or responsibility. The blessing becomes a reality upon fulfillment of the responsibility.”

To believe the promise is to accept the responsibility.

God gave the promise and then He gave the commandment.

Our responsibility is to attend True Parents. If Father goes fishing, we go fishing. If he says launch a speaking tour, we launch it. If he says let’s leave for the other side of the world in an hour, we go. If he says to fundraise your entire life, that’s it. If he says to give up your position, that’s it. If he says to attend True Mother, that’s it.

To believe the promise is to accept the responsibility.

“If you are ready to be blessed by me,” True Father once said, “you need me. Even though I may want to run away from you, you have to run after me and stick to me. …even if I …hide myself in the remote village on a mountainside, you will …search for me, beseech me and bring me back to bless you.”

Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, Chief of Staff of True Mother’s Secretariat, explains: “The subject partner …is not I who serve, but the one who is served. In a family, therefore, even if we diligently serve our parents, if our parents are uncomfortable, the service is not good. …To serve is to put True Parents at ease.”

In other words, more than the external service, it’s the heart. True Parents’ day and night way of life automatically provides the opportunity to demonstrate our heart. Why? Because of their devotion to God, who always calls us to drop everything and go.

Therefore, as Mrs. McDevitt said, “it’s a constant and continuous state of tension. Attendance of True Parents is endless. It never stops.”

Pushing my bruised heart, I followed True Parents.

As one example: “After …giving birth to my son, before I recovered physically, I followed True Parents to Korea. My newborn was thirty-eight days old. Pushing my bruised heart, I followed True Parents.”

Then she explained how she could live such a life: “The reason …was that this tradition of attendance was set by True Parents for Heavenly Parent. [From them] I was learning the tradition of Hyo Jeong.”

(Citations: “Heavenly Tradition,” January 20, 1973, Belvedere,, —the translation was, in part, rendered in the third person, and I have made that part consistent with the part the was rendered in the first person; Wonju McDevitt, “The Origin and Foundation of Our Faith is to Serve True Parents,” September 10, 2017,


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