We all have moments of anger against True Father. It arises from feeling a lack of love, as did Cain, when our offering is rejected.

My memorable moment was when, as a leader of the International Religious Foundation, I was summoned to leave a God Conference and fly to a church leaders meeting. I flew, took a taxi and, as I approached the meeting room, heard a booming voice announcing to all present that I was now the Regional Coordinator for New England.

No advance notice. No consent. I hadn’t even entered the room.

No advance notice. No consent. I hadn’t even entered the room.

The only place for me to sit was at Father’s feet.

I was livid with anger.

I recall another morning, two weeks after I joined the church, when my trinity leader, Noah Ross, calmly told me that I was not going to be a mathematics professional, but a truck driver for an iron works company.

Starting right now. Go change your clothes.

I was livid with anger.

Both times, I united with the plan and, within moments, the Holy Spirit turned my anger to joy.

I know God is real.

Jesus once said, “No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”

Then he said the Son reveals the Father through the Holy Spirit. “The Spirit,” also translated Comforter and Advocate, “shows what is true and will come and guide you into the full truth. The Spirit doesn’t speak on her own. She will tell you only what she has heard from me, and she will let you know what is going to happen.”

True Mother perfected co-creative, object-partner-love.

True Mother advocates for True Father and comforts us. True Father declared of her, “She is the Holy Spirit,” and said, “they have to travel the road that passes through the womb of an unfallen mother and into the interior of an unfallen father.”

My trials with True Father were trivial; the wife passes through life and death with no comforter but God. True Father is an absolute subject partner for an absolute object partner. Tested by fire, True Mother perfected co-creative, object-partner-love. Witness her glorification of True Father at the Seonghwa Festival.

Only through such a Mother can the children come to the Father, anger turned to joy.

(Citations: Matthew 11:27 NIV; John 16:13-15 CEV; Chambumo Gyeong 1:1-2-48, 1992.7.30; Blessing and Ideal Family, pp. 313.)


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