“The King of Kings is one being, God, and the True Parent [also] is one person, one parent.”

In Korean, meanings are open-ended. For example, where English has two words, “parent” and “parents,” Korean has one word, “pumonim,” which can refer to one or both parents—singular or plural. This makes sense in Principle, because every entity is one and two—one becomes two, and two become one.

God has to be not “One” but “One With.”

Let’s apply this to True Father’s phrase: “and the True Parent is one person, one parent.”

Is this a continuation of the opening phrase about God? Let’s consider that possibility.

In Principle as well as empirical reality, parenting requires two partners of opposite sexes. For God to be a Parent, God has to be not “One” but “One With”—one with a partner of the opposite sex. We are talking “persons” here, so the appropriate term for God’s perfect object partner is, wife.

Where does this wife who allows God to be a Parent come from? From love.

God is love. His wife comes from love’s longing for a perfect object partner. True Father taught this in “God’s Hope for Man”: “Love exists only when there is someone to love and someone to be loved by.”

A perfect object partner means an object partner who can receive absolute love, affirm absolute love, and return absolute love, plus more, back to God. This means that “God …projected the full value of Himself in His object” and “An object is the full reflection of the subject.” The more that is returned is the Wife’s absolute decision to love God.

God’s entire Personhood is irrepressible longing, because God is love. God emptied Himself, God threw Himself out of Himself. Nothing was left; He gave everything. The high pressure became low pressure and, to His delight, Love rushed in, returning everything and more to God. A Person turned into Persons; Love turned into Lovers. God’s Wife returned Her beautiful Self, God to God. Two became One.

My life has been like an ocean.

God was her Seed, and She was His womb, because God did not exist until He was known and loved. “Love exists only when there is someone to love and someone to be loved by.”

The Bible says, “God created the heaven and the earth.” One created Two.

Then, the One hosted give and receive action: “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” As True Mother’s expressed: “My life has been like an ocean.” Creation began.

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