The headquarters of cosmic peace is also one absolute and unique headquarters.

True Father emphasized oneness because hyojeong, filial piety for the One, brings peace among the many.

In fallen history, each of the many fight over being the One. Of course, each is the One—but only on the condition of hyojeong. Therefore, as True Father said, “In order to indemnify fallen history, we must establish the law of filial piety as the highest among all laws.”

Hyojeong for the One brings peace among the many.

True Father once said filial piety is “a life of reporting and asking permission.”

The headquarters of cosmic peace administrates this. It centers up ”a structure that [True Father] is building for God.” On the foundation of hyojeong, it delegates glory and honor to each nation, tribe and family.  

Jesus’ often spoke of kings and banquets. Yes, True Parents are king and queen. Yes, they convene banquets. Yes, in a palace. Yes, they own resources, riches and power—the natural fruition and multiplication of God’s true love.

But that is only the external form. The internal nature is hyojeong. True Father said, “A fool is glad when he sees the external form, but a wise man is glad when he sees the internal nature.”

Those of the many who prize the external form even may steal assets and authority, claiming ownership and leadership. Satan tempted Jesus with external assets and position. Jesus cast him away.

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13 describe hyojeong. Speaking in the tongues of men or of angels, having the gift of prophecy, fathoming all knowledge, having faith that can move mountains, even giving all one has to the poor and sacrificing one’s life—it amounts to nothing without hyojeong.

A wise man is glad when he sees the internal nature.

True Parents’ externals—assemblies, buildings, service projects, organizations and, yes, banquets—amount to nothing without hyojeong. They know it. We should too.

We all are fools at times, focusing on the externals. But when we capture the internal nature, hyojeong, like the prodigal son, we will simply want to serve. We will learn that True Parents are like the master in Jesus’ parable, whose heart poured out to his watchful servants: “Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them.”

This is the internal nature True Parents infuse into the one headquarters of cosmic peace.

The next banquet is at Nassau Coliseum, November 12. See you there.

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