True Parents’ final sentences in the “heretic and destroyer” statement teach the principle of kingdom-building through hyojeong.

Hyojeong is the life and love of the Holy Spirit, the “feminine aspect of divinity.” Principle teaches that “without first receiving [the Holy Spirit] we cannot go before Jesus as his brides.” It states that departed spirits who “[assist] people of faith living on earth to fulfill their missions” are working “on behalf of the Holy Spirit.” Thus, it is by the Holy Spirit that “the providence of restoration expands its sphere of benefit from the family level to the clan level, the national level, and the world level.”

Hyojeong is the life and love of the Holy Spirit, the “feminine aspect of divinity.”

Of this age, True Father pronounced “True Parents have emerged on the earth, Jesus is united with True Father and the Holy Spirit is united with True Mother. …It is True Mother’s work to reach the world level” because “Mother is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.”

Having reached beyond this world, True Parents’ Headquarters today presides over a realm of cosmic peace. But the mission of its representative follows the same Principle: to act on behalf of the Holy Spirit.

Based on his hyojeong, Hyung Jin Moon was to inherit and represent the Headquarters of “only one King of Kings, who is God, [and] only one True Parents.” His need to embody the hyojeong of Jesus before the God who abandoned him, and of Isaac before the parent who was sacrificing him, lay ahead.

Respecting the failure of hyojeong on the part of the representative of this office, overriding True Mother’s concerns, True Father would not soften the “heretic and destroyer” curse. He was like the king in Jesus’ parable, who presided over his son’s marriage. He blesses those who attend, even from the highways, both bad and good. But he curses the one without a wedding garment.

Our wedding garment is hyojeong.

Our wedding garment is hyojeong. Jesus’ conclusion resonates through the ages: “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Today’s image is the program cover for the 2018 Seonghwa Festival and Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. It features the photo from which the publisher cropped True Father’s image for the cover of his autobiography. Cropped photo notwithstanding, that book testifies to True Parents’ absolute oneness. From the perspective of fifty-plus years, True Father wrote, “She crossed over life’s most difficult peaks successfully. …The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me.”

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  1. Simply saying, we need to understand the difference between Shim Jeong and Hyo Jeong. ShimJeong shortly can be explained as God’s heart toward Humankaind in order to save fallen people. So, Heart is explained as irrespressible emotional impulse, invisible. Parents love to children is like this. But, Hyo Jeong is a different one. Children love to Parents can be explained as Hyo Jeong. Hyo Jeong is not irrespressible emotional impluse. It is quite natual chldren does not love as parents love children. So, when True Father talked about how to love God, parents, it is concluded as attendance. The attendance need the order, ethic, period.
    Shortly saying, the culture of heart is that God wishes. The culture of Hyo Jeong is that humankind wish toward God, True Parents.
    Shortly saying again, the subjective of Hyo Jeong is not True Mother, but blessed family, humankind. True Mother has emphasized, taught us how to bulid the culture of attendance, culture of Hyojeong.

  2. I want to say other point.
    I think You need to understand the indentity of True Mother, substantial Holy Spirit, the Only Begotten Daughter of God. So, True Mother is not successor, heir of True Father. Of course, TM can be representative of True Father as united oneness, but that is not the identity of True Mother. Please do not compare TM with anyone. Hyung Jin Moon is just a failure who could not fulfill his mission given by God. True Parents. Do you think Jesus and John the Baptist can be compared as the aspect of value, identity? absolutely NOT. It is same now. THe value of True Parents can not be compared with anyone, anything. If you try to compare it, you are going to pull down the value of True Parents. It is ridiculous.

  3. Thank you, Panadol. I agree with you as far as I understand, though I didn’t quite catch all your insights. In the article, I wanted not to judge, but to elucidate what is at stake for Hyung Jin Nim in particular with respect to his attendance of True Mother. He has obviously cast off his wedding garment. One hopes that he will recover it and put it on again. This was True Mother’s message in the cultural performance that accompanied the celebration of True Father’s Holy Ascension in August.


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