We all seek peace, but conflict is destroying this beautiful earth and its people. We cannot sit idly and let this happen. Something is wrong with this world. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is showing God’s way to change what is wrong to right.

Dr. Moon does not rely upon human knowledge and effort alone. With her late husband, True Father Sun Myung Moon, she initiated a global movement that brings us to a new level with God. Peace starts with me, and I start with God.

Don’t rely upon human knowledge and effort alone.

Let’s understand about God. God is the Creator and True Owner of the universe. The universe displays internal nature and external form, just like our mind and body—the image of God.

The universe displays plus and minus, male and female, man and woman—the image of God. The Bible says that God created Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, in His image.

What were those kids living in a garden supposed to do?

As do all living beings, they were supposed to grow up, reach maturity, and multiply. But alone among all living beings, they had the responsibility to choose to reach maturity. God told them how: at the cost of your life, do not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

That fruit is sexual love. Their obedience would have brought their mind and body into oneness, which is true maturity.

There, peace was to start. At that moment, God would have bestowed upon them the Holy Marriage Blessing. Becoming one love in flesh and spirit, Adam and Eve would have embodied God.

After all, God never wanted to be invisible.

Adam and Eve would have become the first True Parents—God’s only Begotten Son and only Begotten Daughter. They would have formed a true family, and all humankind would have been born in peace.

Locked into love without God.

Tragically, during their growing period, an evil entity called Satan, represented by a serpent, tempted them to have sex without God, centered on themselves. Their selfish desires overcame their love for God.

Locked into love without God, our first parents became self-centered slaves of sexual desire. Generations passed, but this hasn’t changed.

Sex creates children. This is where me starts, and why I have a conflict between good and evil within. From that comes the world’s injustice, conflict and suffering.

God sent His only Begotten Son, Jesus, to change this.

(Citations: The content for this series is from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s public speeches. “God never wanted to be invisible” comes from Gerry Servito. Today’s graphic is taken from the High Noon Life Without Shadows blog, at High Noon.)


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