In his speech at the founding of the Abel Women’s UN, Reverend Moon stated that, “Centering on true love, …Men and women are absolutely equal in terms of value. …Men and women who unite through the true love inherent in the original ideal share the same position. Also, they attain the right to accompany each other wherever they may be.”

Men and women are absolutely equal in terms of value.

This means that centering on true love, social justice, that is, education and rights in the society’s political and economic structure, comes about naturally through men and women loving, respecting and cherishing each other. Men and women don’t want to be apart. Each values the other’s viewpoint and active contribution as integral to the whole truth and perfect outcome.

“Furthermore,” Rev. Moon continued,[men and women] attain the ideal right of inheritance, where all their property belongs to each equally.” Based on true love and true family values, men and women share ownership of assets and responsibility for assets. Living as a true global family, we trust brothers and sisters who are called to take responsibility for assets, and bestow ownership upon those who are trusted. As Jesus said, because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over ten cities.” We would say, because thou art a loving spouse and parent, have thou authority.”

Reverend Moon came to the natural conclusion: “When the original love unites men and women in God’s ideal of true love, they become completely equal beings, focused on true love, by sharing the same rank and the right of participation and their possessions with one another.”

This path to peace that Rev. Moon outlined for the Abel Women’s UN, is not based upon legalism and technology, but “true motherly love …establishing families that embody true love and elevate the status of mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.”

Women will be the central axis.

This indicates that “Women need to play a major role in world history by serving, together with men, as one of the wheels of the vehicle pulling forward the construction of a peaceful world.”

“God’s intention,” Rev. Moon said in 1958, “is to establish the form of a four position foundation, centered on the bride.” In 2012, his conclusion was the same: “Women will be the central axis in building a new century characterized by its loving, peaceful culture.”

He proceeded to present how this applies to his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

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