After the Fall, the God who loves us began the bitter providence of restoration. He sought a religious movement on this earth that would end sexual corruption and teach mind-body oneness, the Holy Marriage Blessing, and world peace.

He was the perfected Adam, the Tree of Life, the bridegroom.

God sent Jesus for this cause. Jesus, the fruit of God’s chosen people Israel, was the one whom God could call “My Only Begotten Son.” He was the perfected Adam, the Tree of Life, the bridegroom. His purpose was to find God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the perfected Eve, receive God’s Holy Marriage Blessing with her, stand with her as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and bestow the Blessing for all people.

God prepared the people of Israel, whom He loved as His bride, to receive Jesus and bring forth the flesh and blood Bride for him. Those to whom Jesus was sent failed their responsibility. Neither the religious leaders, nor his family, nor even the disciples, could separate from the enemy Satan and stand with Jesus.

Jesus had no choice but to walk the path of the cross. He was crucified with two thieves. The thief on the left mocked Jesus. The thief on the right reprimanded that thief, declaring that Jesus was sinless. To the thief on the right, Jesus said, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Paradise is not the kingdom of God. To complete that kingdom on Earth and in Heaven, Jesus promised that he would come again. The Lord at the Second Advent has the same purpose as at the First: to find God’s Only Begotten Daughter as his Bride and bless all humankind. Thus the Bible ends with the prophecy of the Wedding of the Lamb.

Now is the time to complete the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Even though Christians loved and endured severe persecution for Jesus, they did not understand his essence. The Holy Spirit continually inspired new movements, groping for the light. Among them, the Pilgrims gave up everything and crossed the Atlantic.

They sought the freedom to worship God as families. These fathers and mothers pioneered today’s freedom of religion. Their dream of God’s kingdom gave birth to the United States, with the ideal of one nation under God.

Dr. Moon tells us that after their great achievements, the United States and its Christian heritage have reached their last days. Now is the time to complete the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We’ll talk about that next.


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