The end of war does not come by human works alone. And obviously it does not come by the world’s religions alone.

War does not start at the ends of the earth, nor in centers of power. It starts in the conflict between loving others first, as my conscience commands, and loving myself first, as my body wants. Peace starts when each of us wins that war.

Peace does not come by the world’s religions alone.

That war consists of selfless versus selfish love, and its frontline is sex, the decisive act of love.

In the arena of sex, even the mind of the most righteous struggles to obey the conscience—the Commandment for sexual purity. Sexual desire tips the scale in the direction that the body wants. We feel shame over the secret misuse of sex. Our relationship with God is adulterated, corrupted. Because of this, men and women cannot unite with each other or with God. Our children inherit our disability. As civilization advances, it drowns in sexual corruption.

Devout Christians have always expected that Jesus will return to solve everything. They seem to think that peace does not come by human works at all. But we are graduating from milk to meat. We glorify the God of Jesus Christ who will not remove the human portion of responsibility, but will tell us the human portion of responsibility, and how to fulfill it.

Jesus said of he who overcomes, “I will write upon him my new name.” He chose one man and one woman, Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to sanctify sex by God’s law. Led by the Holy Spirit, they bless marriages, to engraft all men and women as husband and wife into God. In a world entangled in chaos and depravity, they establish sexual integrity in marriage, an order of true love.

Jesus chose one man and one woman.

An order of true love means that the marriage Blessing empowers singles to be sexually abstinent until marriage and couples to be absolutely faithful in marriage. Born into true families, human beings will grow to maturity in His image and likeness. Thus true marriages and families unlock the door to world peace.

To advance this cause after Reverend Moon’s ascension, God has guided Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to emerge as a global leader. What is her background? Where did she come from? We’ll talk about that next.

(Citations: Rev. 3:12; Family Friend, Vol. IX, page 321, “The caption on the cartoon is ‘If we lift our skirts, they level their eye-glasses at our ankles.’ It is a cartoon expressing a mild Victorian dilemma — it was often necessary for women to slightly lift up their skirts if they didn’t want to drag their hems through wet or filth, but many males found the resulting display of ankles to be mildly titillating, since the ankle was the one part of the lower body which it was legitimate for women to show.”


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