After stating that, based on true love, women possess the same rank, rights, possessions and responsibilities as men, Reverend Moon spoke specifically about his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Women can establish now the model of a true mother and true wife.

He first recalled Dr Moon’s words in her address at the 1992 inauguration of the Women’s Federation for World Peace:

“Under True Mother as the victorious representative of the world’s women, women can establish now the model of a true mother and true wife and form ideal families through a true love movement. Furthermore, women can carry out a campaign to exemplify the practice of true love by living for the sake of others in all walks of life, including politics, economics, culture and social work.”

Rev. Moon endorsed the Women’s Federation as the God-centered peace movement based upon the Principle and God’s providence:  

It is a global peace movement on a whole new level with the providential significance of realizing the ideal world as God envisioned it at the Creation.” It is grounded in “the worldview of one family under God,” he said, which consists of ideals that “represent the path that will lead humanity to a world of everlasting peace and happiness.”

He shared that he discovered this worldview not by himself, but together with his wife: “It the system of thought based on true love that my wife and I, the True Parents, have learned from Heaven.” It is the teaching that “we have championed and taught throughout our lives.”

WFWP’s “service projects and education programs,” Rev. Moon explained, have been carried out “in the context of such providential significance.”

I sincerely ask you to choose True Mother’s path.

Countless organizations carry out service and educational projects, but WFWP is unique in that it alone is “based on true motherly love …establishing families that embody true love” and automatically “elevate the status of mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.”

That is True Parents’ core strategy for peace, and what makes it revolutionary is that they call the world to put it into practice through the Holy Marriage Blessing movement.

Rev. Moon then uplifted Dr. Moon as the exemplar to lead the world into this hopeful future: “I sincerely ask you to choose True Mother’s path, the path of a true wife, of a true daughter and of a true woman leader who will build a unified world where freedom, peace and happiness overflow.”

(Citations: “Keynote Speech at the Inauguration of the Abel Women’s UN,” in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, pp. 978-82.)


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