Ordeals of the Bride

Unification Church women did not leave her alone. They clawed at her… If they’d had their way, they would have pulled out her eyeballs and cut off her lips with a razor. She was being tested in order to receive the certificate of Mother, and the teachers were looking everywhere to find an excuse to fail her. They tried to strangle her with the most difficult questions.

She wasn’t exactly True Mother. She first had to be in a position from which she could embrace all Unification Church women as their Abel, which is a very difficult thing to do. Unification Church members, especially the women, were bound to accuse Mother the most. They were bound to hack at her and make her fall down. She had to pass through that stage and reach the place where everyone loved her. Thus she has to be hated the most at first, and then be liberated …only then could she finally be elevated to the position of True Mother.

Nevertheless, she lived each day feeling grateful to God. I know that she lived like that. So, do you think I’m a good husband or a tyrannical one? And yet I did not scold her. I would just say something to her in passing. Even under such circumstances, she still kept up with it all, and in the end she became the True Mother who is even greater than the holy Mother Mary.

Path of the family (‘60-’67)

After the Holy Wedding, my family was not a happy one, because it has to bear the family level cross. All my children need to be born in the midst of this, become obedient to Mother and unite. During this time, many things will happen in my family that will need to be indemnified. The children themselves cannot grow up in safety during this period when many unexpected accidents will take place in my family. I rectified all the internal and external conditions on which Satan could accuse my family… In doing so, there were many complicated issues, internal problems… The foundation of unity of my heart and Mother’s can bring together all the things in the world that are divided.

(Rev. Moon’s words from the Today’s World series on True Father’s course)


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