To True Mother, I, True Father, stood as her grandfather and father as well as her husband, and also as her older brother. So when she related to me, she regarded me as her older brother, as her father, as her grandfather and even as her king. Knowing this, I had to raise her starting from the position of a younger sister. I had to elevate her to the position of my fiancée, then to the position of my wife, and then to the positions of mother and grandmother, all the way to the position of queen. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 2: 4-3-9, 2005.01.20)

This daughter, who was 17 years old when she was blessed to me, must become the queen. She must advance to the position of the Queen of the Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore, after our Holy Wedding she had to go through the positions of wife, mother and grandmother, and rise up to the position of queen. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 2: 4-3-10, 2008.06.16)


She emerged after passing through three Spirit-led churches. Over and over, she heard from her mother that the Lord will come in the future, and that when she meets him, she must attend him this way and that. Daemonim repeatedly taught her so many times that her teaching infused into her bone marrow. This is how she was educated to become True Mother. (Today’s World series on True Father’s course)

God’s Seal

What does God’s Day mean in reference to Mother’s course? Mother’s mission was to have unshakable confidence in her husband, regardless of the circumstance and in spite of all opposition. Whatever happened, even if she should die, she had to keep an unchangeable attitude toward her husband.

For the first time in history, when God and man could believe in a woman 100 percent, God’s Day could be established. That was Jan 1, 1968. In order to restore the standard of restoration by indemnity for both men and woman, Eve had to go through the completion stage from the top of the growth stage. Upon entering the eighth year, after completing her seven-year course, Mother and I could obtain God’s seal as a true, perfected family, and we could take our position on the earth. (God’s Will and the World, pp. 577-8, May 1, 1981)



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