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Spiritual growth intertwines eternally with the dynamics of marriage and family life. Marriage and parenting are the greatest spiritual disciplines. Religious life separated from life in the world only because of the Fall. Through True Parents, life with God and with our spouse and family have become one. Learn more in the following series.

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True Family Values introduces the Holy Marriage Blessing based upon the Divine Principle of Creation and Fall revealed in the Bible and all the world’s scriptures. In 1996, I presented to American clergy a True Family Values curriculum called “Creating a Faithful Christian Marriage.” In this series of fifty-one articles, responding to many requests over the years for more on True Family Values, I present that 1996 curriculum updated and in-depth.

True Family Values

Creating A+ Family

True Family Values introduces the marriage Blessing based upon the principles of Creation and Fall. In 1996, I presented to American clergy a TFV...

A Map through the Realms of Heart

True Family Values is a journey through the “four realms of heart”—the heart of children, of brothers and sisters, of spouses, and of parents....

Exploring the Realms

We continue the True Family Values’ map through the four realms of heart, picking up in the middle of Part Four. The sexual revolution, which...

The Left Rules the Sexual Roost

According to a 1996 Los Angeles Times article, sex is “a matter that has left parents tongue-tied for decades.” Ahem: not just decades; millennia....

Where There Is No Vision, the Marriage Perishes

Because of the ignorance and self-centeredness of religious institutions, our culture is awash with sex education from the Left. But on a deeper level,...

Four Expectations for Your Family’s Future

Let’s continue with “Expectations for Creating A+ Family.” We covered what not to expect, now we cover four things to expect.   Expect to… Examine...

Abstinence Plus Fidelity Equals Civilization

History and sociology agree that sexual abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage creates civilization, and that when these depart, civilizations fall. In his...

Science, Religion and Absolute Values

Fallen sex creates fallen people, and fallen people cannot create an unfallen world, not through science, not through religion. In the act of procreation,...

What Women Really Want, and Men Too

As he dug deeper into the causes of civilizational decline, J.D. Unwin in his 1934 study, Sex and Culture, discovered a man-woman dynamic. He...

What’s Wrong with Marriage?

God revealed that sex is the gateway to both good and evil through many religious founders. Since we cannot control sexual desire, they called...

One Man and One Woman, True Parents

God has a purpose for the family, and when God has a purpose, God creates a model. This model is a picture of what...

Reality Check: The Unification Experience

True Family Values presents a God-centered model for marriage. How has it worked? Let’s look at the track record of Unification Church blessed marriages....

The House of True Parents

Good families do not come through knowledge, power or money. They come through a God-centered vision for marriage. Without a God-centered vision, marriages perish....

The Joy of Opposites

Jesus did not address God as our Accountant in Heaven, our Professor in Heaven, or our Attorney in Heaven. He addressed God as our...

What Christianity Doesn’t Know

The family is the school of heart. It is the environment in which each person learns to live for the higher purpose, to love...
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Six months before moving to America, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, our True Father, told his Korean disciples “The Way Our Blessed Families Should Go.” Twenty years later, in September, 1991, True Father spent a night at Unification Theological Seminary, reading this speech from midnight to 4 a.m. True Father directed UTS students to translate it into English and all blessed couples to read it. This series of twelve articles summarizes his guidance to blessed families.

The Way of Blessed Families

By Filial Piety, Children Mature and Unite

The United States government tried to separate True Parents. It failed. “Father calls me at least twice every day. I also go to meet...

Radical Filial Piety

The path to patriotism, sainthood and divinity starts with filial piety. True Father’s words to blessed families show that True Parents embodied radical filial...

Everyone’s Problem: Mind and Body

In August of 1971, a few months prior to True Parents’ departure to America, True Father laid the cards on the table for the...

Believe Your Parents, Gain Your Life

True Father never told us to do anything that he himself had not already done. To bring his mind to have dominion over his...

Beyond Comfort-Zone Sacrifice

True Father taught that mind-body unity begins with absolute faith, beyond life and death. What then? “Then,” he said, “is to sacrifice.” True Father...

How We Reverse the Fall

True Father often speaks in the first person. I used to think that he wasn’t really talking about himself. I thought he was just...

Your Wife is a Holy Being

In his guidance to his pastors preceding his 1971 departure from Korea, True Father’s words on mind and body were a foundation to talk...

Marriage Unity Transcends Time

As he was preparing to depart, True Father counseled the Korean pastors, “You can stand in this position because of a woman.” He added,...

The Third Seonghwa

True Parents honored the process of aging by declaring the three great kingships, of the children, parents and grandparents, and the three seonghwas, birth,...

Achieving Heaven on Earth

The Principle of Creation provides a rule to unite the children: attend your parents as they decline and pass through the end of life....

God Is Our King

True Father’s address at God’s Enthronement was entitled “God Is Our King.” God’s vertical love appears horizontally in three kingships, of children, parents and...

How to Build a Family Palace

True Father delivered “The Way of Blessed Families” to Korean leaders prior to his departure to America in 1971. In 1991, at UTS, he...
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About Coming Soon

Divine Principle Sex Education

Divine Principle and Pornography

Let’s follow True Parents Way into pornography and same-sex attraction. Let’s begin with pornography. Our culture is saturated with porn. Porn has a narcotic...

God Had Sex in Mind

Divine Principle will defeat porn because love rooted in truth defeats love rooted in lies. Porn is all about sex. The product is the...

Science, Religion, and Adam’s Awakening

Why is everything on earth sexual? Begin with the Darwinian “survival of the fittest” thesis: sex that leads to multiplication brings species proliferation. Therefore,...

How Adam and Eve Grew Up with God

Adam grew in the womb of his Heavenly Mother, at play with animals and angels. Eve was playing as well, but Adam was active,...

Siblings Before the Fall: Constructing the Story

Adam realized he was lonely when he encountered a woman-shaped hole in his heart. Why was it there? It is God’s design that two...

The Modesty of Adam and Eve

The story of Adam and Eve is the story of love. True Father said, “It is the power of love that allows both man...

Of Men, Women and Angels

Eve’s sexual relationship with the archangel weaves deeply into the story of the Fall. Let’s start to unpack it. Prior to any other creation,...

It Begins with Adam

“God created dual objective beings in order to develop His vertical love on the horizontal plane. Adam and Eve were to become one, centered...

Sex and Culture

As a novice lecturer, I memorized the Principle of Creation within a couple of hours. It took me days to memorize the Fall chapter....

The Victory of Adam

According to Exposition of Divine Principle, “Illicit sexual desire is constantly active in souls, sometimes without their conscious awareness. …no man is able...

Pulling the Covers off the Commandment

Today’s photograph makes one uncomfortable. Why? God’s love was to substantialize on earth in Adam and Eve when they established the ability to live...

The Value of the Sexual Organs

God wants to dwell with us in the physical world. Only here can God’s image multiply, God’s love substantialize, God’s joy return. Thus, God...

We Need To Know About Angels

We need to know about angels. An archangel instigated the Fall. Providentially, nations, disciples, spiritual children and all fallen men stand in the archangelic...

The Lord and Lady of the Sabbath

The perfected Adam and Eve are rulers and the center of harmony of the physical and spiritual worlds. It begins with Adam’s dominion over...

Satan Weaponized the Principle

Lucifer was the lead servant, pre-eminent among the angels. Despite, or perhaps because of, his lordship over his fellows, he took Adam’s joy as...