The Cheon Il Guk Constitution sets forth its amendment process in Chapter 11. In compliance with it, in 2016, a legislative committee circulated proposed amendments to Family Federation national offices around the world, with the request that they publicize them and obtain feedback. The result was subject to True Parents’ decision. Our accepted amendments appeared as changes in the Constitution’s text.

In the US Constitution, amendments appear as addenda. Our Addenda have a different purpose. In the final part of the Constitution, they describe how the Family Federation will morph into Cheon Il Guk governance.

Nations will adopt blessed family life traditions into their constitutions.

Administratively, current Family Federation governance should take steps to harmonize with the Constitution. Our organizations should, as appropriate to their function, gradually assume the responsibility of Wons and other constitutional entities.

In terms of people, our pastors should advance hoon dok home groups and activate “the heavenly tribal messiah system.” As for properties, district and local churches should house worship and “heart culture that is for the sake of the local community.”

Allow me to reflect on this brief statement. Hoon dok home groups are for worship, education and fellowship that build family and community. They combine variations of hobbies, sports, the arts and entertainment with the universals of birth, marriage, raising a family, aging and birth to our next life. In public properties we enjoy these variations and universals on the community level.

“If God were to make a constitution,” True Father explained, “He would make one that protects and upholds love.” God’s ideal is that families stay together in love and take root in community and a hometown. Neither sin nor the search for God will separate parents and children. As our spirituality matures, families of three generations on earth will commune with eight generations of ancestors, forming the association of heaven and earth.

God’s ideal is that families stay together.

Our duties as citizens flow from our commitment to build a culture around these universal family and community ideals. As nations recognize that sexual abstinence before marriage and blessed family life build one culture across lines of race, nation and religion, and create peace and prosperity, they will support Cheon Il Guk. They will adopt blessed family life traditions into their constitutions. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution will serve as a blueprint for governments to evolve in the direction of Heaven.

(The artwork is Anna Mary Robertson [Grandma] Moses’s Country Fair; Chambumo Gyeong 12-1-3:7-11; First Cheon Seong Gyeong, p. 1445.)



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