The Meaning of Hyo Jeong – Episode 01: The Filial Heart Design


The Meaning of Hyo Jeong – Episode 01: The Filial Heart Design


We are excited to launch a new video series, “The Meaning of Hyo Jeong.” On the foundation of Father Moon’s teachings, Mother Moon has innovated this term to mean the application the principle of filial piety to all realms of life. Hyo Jeong, she teaches, is the cornerstone and model—the heart design—of the ideal world.

You will learn how Hyo Jeong unites parents and children as one body beyond time and space, creates successful families and organizations, and ultimately is the linchpin for the restoration of nations, the world and heaven and earth.

We hope you enjoy the series.


  1. Dr. Hendricks, Your premise is not correct. You quote Father and say “You can become a truly filial son or daughter only after getting married.” Father means that one can only fulfill the duties of a filial son to one’s parents only after you bear children and multiply your parents lineage. Even Jesus could not complete his filial duties to God, because he did not have children.

    Here are Father words “What kind of person is a son of filial piety? To become such a son, one has to attend one’s parents well, and one should bear children. No matter how pious someone may be, no matter how great one may be, no matter what one may have given to one’s parents, one cannot be a child of filial piety if one cannot have children. Jesus was born as God’s historical son of filial piety. Even though he realized the glory of the only begotten son and fulfilled everything, without children he could not stand proud before God. Do you know why Jesus has toiled for two thousand years?” (Sermons Vol. 7 – 221, 1959.10.11)

  2. I appreciate your heart. However; everything centers on the central subject axis of the Father Son relationship. God is singular central masculine initiative subject Heavenly Father. Expressing Himself through Adam as His substantial representative body object partner and subject partner to Eve as the substantial representative body of Creation and object partner to Adam and to God through Adam in the ideal as True Parents.

  3. Thank you Dr. Hendricks.

    Book 11 of the Cheon Seong Gyeong (2006 edition) contain profound insights into the central axis of the Universe – the parent-child relationship between God and humanity, as revealed and taught by True Father. May it guide us to oneness.


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