True Father asked, “Who is that causal being? Is it male? Is it female?” He didn’t answer it directly.

It was his speech to Presidents Bush and Ford and friends in the Family Federation inauguration audience. True Father had explained already that “God possesses dual characteristics of male and female” and that, through the male-female relationship in God, that is, through sex, the universe came into being.

Who is that causal being? Is it male? Is it female?

Now he shifted the focus to human beings: “It seems that we all resemble God. God himself has characteristics of masculinity and femininity, or positivity and negativity. Human beings, who were created as the substantial object of God, were created as man and woman.”

He emphasized, “It is clear that humankind is comprised of man and woman.” And he declared that the difference between the two is the sexual organs: they are “what makes man man, and woman woman.”

One political party in America adopts the “gender spectrum” position—two sexes, many genders—so it is worthy of consideration. The “spectrum” position requires that biology (two sexes) differs from personhood (many genders). We reject this by our ideal of mind-body unity. God’s oneness decrees a sex-specific spirit breathed into a sex-specific fetus. We are born one or the other.

“God is composed of Father God and Mother God; therefore, all things in the creation are also composed of the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity. Eve is the wife of Adam through a horizontal relationship. In front of God, through a vertical relationship, she is Mother God as well.”

One political party in America adopts the “gender spectrum” position.

So too, Adam is Father God and God’s dual characteristics appear completely through marriage: “When man and woman marry, they become substantial plus and minus representing God.”

We represent God, embody God and inherit God’s power to create through sex:

“Subject and object unite centering on the ideal of love. centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us. …man, who is plus, approaches that center, and woman, who is minus, also approaches that center. In God also, the masculine characteristic and the feminine characteristic become one… That union in God, as a bigger plus, becomes one with a bigger minus, namely, the union of man and woman.”

The question was, “is God male? is God female?” True Father’s answer was, receive the marriage Blessing, love each other, and you’ll find out.

(NOTES: This is consistent with world traditions, for example, in Judaism: “…every figure that does not comprise male and female elements is not a true and proper figure… Observe this: God does not place His abode in any place where male and female are not found together, nor are blessings found save in such a place.” Zohar 1.55b, in World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon, pp. 75-76. Divine Principle also teaches God’s dual characteristics of internal nature and external form, and so this article is not meant to present a full explanation of God and creation. All citations are from “In Search of the Origin of the Universe,” in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong p. 211 ff., except one, which is found in Blessing and Ideal Family 1993, p. 485. For a digital version of “In Search…,” go to

– TH


  1. The “gender spectrum” position—two sexes, many genders— is not validated by observation. Scientific findings in genetics and common sense understanding of human physiology do not support the gender spectrum position. Nonetheless, the LGBT agenda has expanded its acceptance by means of social proof – social influence, that is a latent mental phenomenon where people emulate the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct affiliation behavior. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sporting events previously awarded to North Carolina were relocated over the state’s law limiting anti-discrimination protections for gays. Obviously, this is a type of social and political manipulation. Many religious advocates, celebrity entertainers, academics and their organizations have adopted the gender spectrum position. Clearly, this puts them at odds ( if not at war ) with tradition, common sense and science. This moral tug of war is being lost to the coercive social influence of gender deconstructionists.

  2. “The question was, “is God male? is God female?” True Father’s answer was, receive the marriage Blessing, love each other, and you’ll find out.”

    I like that!

    One of my favourite quotations of True Father’s on this topic is in the 2006 Cheon Seong Gyeong:

    “What did God want to do by creating man and woman? He wanted to see them. Is God feminine or masculine? He is both feminine and masculine. If God were only masculine, He would only look at the woman, and Adam would have to live in the shade. It follows that the two natures of both sexes coexist within Him, so that He may find joy in looking at both woman and man. We thus conclude that God is a being in the vertical position, within whom the harmonized dual characteristics that make Him feel love towards both man and woman exist. Such is God.”


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