Some religions believe that in God’s kingdom the saints will enjoy eternal physical life. As one group states, there will be “No more sickness, old age, or death… Jehovah God will see to it that his original purpose for mankind to enjoy eternal life in an earthly paradise will be realized.”

Unificationists don’t believe that. Or do we?  

True Father alluded to physical life that never dies.

Divine Principle teaches that “Nothing material can live forever. Human beings are no exception; our bodies cannot live eternally.”

And yet True Father alluded to our unending physical life that never dies: “When God was creating human beings, into which part did He invest the greatest creative effort? The eyes? The nose? The heart? The brain? All of these organs eventually die, do they not?” He was intimating that the sexual organs do not die.

He could say that the sexual organs are eternal because parents exist physically in their descendants. Our DNA, physically carried in our sexual organs, unfolds forever.

Sexual love does not just connect male and female; it connects the spiritual and the physical. As True Father said: “Love is not a concept. It is a substantial reality.” Love unites physical beings as subject and object partners, and that is where concept becomes substance, the Word becomes flesh. What is DNA but spiritual information—the Word—made flesh?

Here we get Father’s sex education: “How do beings with plus and minus characteristics unite as subject and object partners? By kissing?” Yes, and more: subject and object partners unite through sex. Through the sexual organs, love becomes physical.

Faithful blessed marriage brings forth physical life that is eternal.

Men and women are spiritual and physical and we produce children in spirit and flesh. God’s image is not just “male and female;” it also is “spirit and flesh”—God “breathed” Spirit into Adam and Eve. What do we breathe in spirit world? Love. Our love is eternal not just spiritually. Faithful blessed marriage brings forth physical life that is eternal. Through our sexual organs, we live forever. That’s why we protect and attend them as the Holy of Holies.

Then how may we dwell forever on earth? Think about returning resurrection. Is it just Elijah and Jesus who return? Is returning resurrection just about indemnifying sin or fulfilling a mission? We’ll talk about that next.

(References: Jehovah’s Witnesses; Exposition of Divine Principle, Resurrection 1.2; other citations are from “In Search of the Origin of the Universe,” in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong p. 211 ff. For a digital version of “In Search…,” go to

– TH


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