The April 27 Inter-Korean Summit declared that “the two sides agreed to transform the demilitarized zone into a peace zone in a genuine sense.”

Zones in this world serve business purposes. A peace zone “in a genuine sense” goes beyond the purposes of business. Its purpose is peace, and peace comes only through Godism, “the practice of God’s perfect love.”

A genuine peace zone cannot be a charity. It does need an economy.

Nonetheless, a genuine peace zone cannot be a charity. It does need an economy.

How would that economy work, based upon God’s perfect love?

Consider True Father’s words: “As human beings have the desire and need for material things, and a natural inclination toward love, an ideal society would permit individual ownership and individual purpose. …Human beings perfected in true love would wish to own an amount of property commensurate with their conscience and original nature.” Such people’s economic activity “would manifest love and gratitude.” Its aim “would be the overall welfare, rather than the mere pursuit of gain.”

True Father called this “co-ownership based on God’s true love,” and gave the family as the model: “Even though all property is legally held in the parents’ names, in practice it is jointly owned by the whole family—parents and children alike.”

Shared ownership “is based on love and trust in the family, with individuals still responsible for their own property. Thus the purposes of the whole and the individual are harmonized.”

This society is not based upon knowledge. As True Father put it, “However sophisticated our knowledge might be, when compared with true love, it is found wanting.”

People of true love “practice goodness and righteousness voluntarily within the family, [and] on the foundation of true love, they will realize the society and world of the heavenly way and of righteousness—that is, the ideal world.”

Only sincere love and continuous sacrifice is capable of creating a world of peace.

So this principle is scalable: “The love-based pattern of ownership in a family expands to the society, nation and world,” True Father said, bringing an economic result: “an equalization of the world’s standards of living.”

“The balance of the world” will be restored by “creating access to existing natural and human resources. …a little is taken off places that are high and added to places that are low. …Only sincere love and continuous sacrifice is capable of creating a world of peace. We must be willing to offer everything.”

Thereby, God’s perfect love economy expands from peace zones to the world.  

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  1. The foundation of an economy is a financial, a monetary system. If we talk about a “Heavenly Economy”, we have to find first a “Heavenly financial system”. Such a system must serve and support True Love. True Father thousand times explained that this means “leaving for the sake of others and giving and forget what one has given”.
    When we judge the current rules of the main currencies (FIAT-money like $,€,£,¥ etc.), it is clear, they do not fulfill this purpose at all. This monetary system serves the opposite purpose. By systematization money of about 95% of people flows to the 5% which are incredible rich. This first group is struggling their whole live to make their living and many are not even able survive and put them in a position of beggars. The others are Billionaires.
    But depending on donation of the rich- even if they would share enough, is not even human, it’s definitely not a system on which base a “Heavenly kingdom” can be established.
    If we are not able to implement rules as an “Original Nature” in stead of the present “Fallen Nature” into the monetary system, talking about a “Heavenly Economy” would remain empty words.
    It saddens me much, that we – our movement is not even touching this subject. We would be much powerful in our witnessing, when we could present and practice a Heavenly alternative.

  2. Ernst,

    I don’t know if you’ll get this, two years after you wrote it. Obviously I didn’t monitor responses.

    I would be interested in your views about what would constitute a heavenly economy.

    Best wishes, Tyler


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