In 1992, True Father rendered a simple critique of the world’s economy: “Developed countries try to place weaker nations under their control.”

He made clear that his economic mission, far from intended to make himself a wealthy industrialist—as the world readily accused, was to “do away with all of that.”

The developed countries have to walk with those nations hand in hand.

“My purpose of doing business and making money is to perform the role of bonding all the people of the world, whether rich or poor. My financial foundation is to be shared with those in poverty for the liberation of all humankind. This is the equalization that I am trying to realize. …All I am doing is advocating for the equalization of the nations of the world. I am trying to place all nations on an equal footing.

The path to the “equalization of the world’s standard of living” points to another of Father’s dreams, the International Peace Highway.

True Mother has taken this project to the streets, transforming it into a populist movement called Peace Road. But True Father’s purpose has not changed:

“When someone monopolizes a technology and keeps the profit for himself, the balance of the world is upset. The International Peace Highway will rearrange the current inequality by creating access to existing natural and human resources.”

“It will link Korea and Japan by an undersea tunnel and create a bridge across the Bering Strait that separates Russia and North America. These great links can unify the world.

“When a road is built,” True Father said, “it changes the course of history. When the International Peace Highway is completed, the world can be physically bound together as one.”

When a road is built, it changes the course of history.

From the map we see that after the Peace Road crosses the Yalu River, it has a straight shot to the Bering Strait. Providence places Korea, Japan and the United States as father, mother and elder son nations. As the map shows, two super-power siblings—China and Russia—are tucked in the middle, linking the world’s most powerful five nations into a cozy family.

The Peace Road will be the tie that binds, not just the north Pacific Rim. The closing banquet for the International Leadership Conference in Vienna this month “concluded with the transmission of the ‘Peace Road Flag’ from UPF-Korea to UPF Ambassadors for Peace in the Balkans, represented by the former presidents of Albania and Kosovo.”

From Korea to Vienna—another straight shot.

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