Through the Blessing Vows, all blessed couples accept and inherit True Parents’ universal mission as their own. This mission is expressed in the list of duties of Cheon Il Guk citizens. One, protect the pure lineage—absolute sex. Two, care for others’ hearts. Three, respect public assets. Four, read, learn and disseminate True Parents’ Word. Five, build a true family and tribe based on the Word.

We inherit True Parents’ central mission, as blessed central families.

Thereby we inherit True Parents’ central mission, as blessed central families.

As the third millennium approached, True Father clarified that True Parents’ specific mission, their position as the one True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, is absolute, whether either or both are on earth or in heaven. They are the eternal central figures of Cheon Il Guk.

To house the central, public authority of True Parents on earth, beyond them personally, True Father established offices, on the local, national, regional and global levels. He called the True Children and various followers to occupy these offices. In 1965, True Father explained the significance of such offices, which he here refers to as “positions”:

“The Blessing is of great importance in that it is bestowed upon individuals who become the parts of the structure that the Leader is building for God. The position is of great importance, and the individual is of importance as long as he properly fills the position for which he is chosen. If he fails his mission, then he is replaced by another who can fulfill the responsibility of the position. The position is of great importance and remains. The individual can be replaced.”

So positions, or offices, entail responsibilities. The position has the mission, and the person who occupies the position is responsible to pursue the mission.

What is the title befitting the holders of all offices, from parents to presidents?

There are many offices, but common to them all, common to all the duties of Cheon Il Guk citizens, there is one fundamental responsibility. In True Mother’s words, it is “to be a central figure in carrying on the tradition.”  

Our new series, “The Internal Providence,” will address three questions related to this.

What is the essential tradition?

Based on that, what is the title befitting the holders of all offices, from parents to presidents, appropriate to the mission of “carrying on the tradition”?

Finally, what are the qualifications to hold an office, a position in “the structure that the Leader is building for God”?

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