Without True Mother, there would have been no substantial True Parents. “True Parents” would have remained but an idealistic theory. 

As True Father approached his ninetieth birthday, he posed a rhetorical question: “What do you think I feel when I see True Mother offering devotions for me?”

I see True Mother offering devotions for me.

It led him to reflect upon his own mortality, and to confirm his couple’s eternal oneness. In spirit world, he said, “we will go on our travels together as companions.” He talked of his activities in the next life and gratefully observed True Mother’s preparation for God’s work on earth without him:

“I cannot live twenty-three years longer than Mother. Knowing that, Mother is making preparations for living twenty-three more years, after which we will go on our travels together as companions. Since I will have so much to do and so many little things to prepare when I go to the spirit world, Mother is making preparations every day, staying up all night with bloodshot eyes so that I can get some rest. Whenever I see that, I feel so grateful to her.”

From the beginning of their marriage, True Father expressed such gratitude. In a 1965 letter, written during his first world tour, he wrote, “Omma, I feel I have so much to be grateful to you for,” and continued with his vision for their future:

“I rejoice thinking of the days to come when we will embark on speaking tours together. I yearn for the day when you will become the great True Mother who will bring victory over evil and fulfill all her responsibilities. …I trust that you will do well, and that you will become the kind of woman who will be most precious to me, in whom I will take much pride as the woman of all women. When I think of this, I realize what a happy man I am! With this, I will move forward. Please become the highest, most precious and victorious True Mother.”

From the words, “please become,” some may think, “oh, she wasn’t True Mother yet,” but consider Father’s next sentence: “I am also striving to become the True Father, who lives for the sake of heaven and earth.”

I am also striving to become the True Father.

They completed each other and became True Parents together. Because of her, he could declare, “I realize what a happy man I am! With this, I will move forward.”

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