We are working through True Father’s 2010 “heretic and destroyer” statement, and have reached the second sentence.

The people of ten thousand generations are likewise the citizens of one lineage, and the children of one Heavenly Kingdom.

True Father proclaimed the oneness of God’s lineage.

True Father first proclaimed the oneness of the King of Kings and of True Parents. Then he proclaimed the one lineage of the Kingdom.

Now, science tells us that humankind is one lineage; it expanded from the “mitochondrial Eve” into the people of ten thousand generations. Genetics prove it. Is that what this is about? No.

Nor is it about secular peace movements that blithely proclaim we are “family,” “brothers and sisters.” As John Lennon put it, “Don’t give me that brother, brother, brother, brother.”

Peace movements forget that what makes a family one is not brother and sisters; it is common parents. Scientists forget that having common parents, when the siblings kill each other, is hardly worth calling a family. A lineage broken into pieces is not a family.

The cause of the breakage was “an illicit motivation in the blood lineage” at the beginning. “The Fall,” said True Father, “initiated an illicit motivation in the blood lineage.”

The miracle of True Parents is remove the illicit motivation and make humanity’s lineage truly one in life, love and ideal. This begins with the messianic father—the new Adam who is God’s Only Begotten Son:

“Before having any sons or daughters, before the father gets married, in other words, before the mother comes into being, from the time the seed is made in the father’s body, that seed must be engrafted to God’s heart.”

You must make the condition that you love the Mother and Father equally.

From that point on, however, True Father explained, “the restoration of the blood lineage happens through the mother.”

And how does humankind receive it? Father answered, “With the blessing of love you felt when you were inside the Father’s body, by attending the Mother and with the connection of love with the Mother, you can be reborn.”

So both parents are equally necessary, and “You must make the condition that you love the Mother and Father equally.”

Now, what is the meaning of “citizens of one lineage”? The “children of one Heavenly Kingdom,” True Father said, are “the citizens of one lineage.” A kingdom is a nation. Are its citizens the king and queen’s children? More needs to be said on that.

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