True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, set the standard of attendance to True Father, just as he and Jesus set the standard of attendance to God. No one has attended God as they did, nor True Father as she did. Thus, no one has the merit to judge Jesus or True Father, nor to judge True Mother.

She has responsibility and represents the whole.

Consider True Father’s words:

“I sympathize with Mother. She barely slept for two hours last night, so she feels dizzy today. And yet I brought her here. She is a public person. She is not fortunate enough to be able to rest when she suffers from dizziness. She must go on regardless, because she has responsibility and represents the whole. Yet, she doesn’t complain to me. I am very strict when it comes to public missions. Knowing me, Mother follows my path even if she collapses and dies.”

And how could True Mother do so? “I follow God,” she told us. And is not True Father one with God?

Continuing her life of perfect attendance, True Mother stands on True Father’s Word that she is the only begotten Daughter. As did True Father, she declares God’s Word at the cost of her life.

In America, she told Christian leaders that they do not grasp the essence of Jesus, so they “cannot go in front of God.” God sent True Parents, and through their marriage Blessing, “You can … live a life engrafted to [God]. …Therefore, the only answer to solving all today’s problems is through receiving the marriage Blessing through the True Parents.” True Mother has proclaimed this message for thirty years. She will not stop now.

As a blessed family, you must bless your congregations.

“The True Parents emerged in the 1960s,” she stated, “and have offered the marriage Blessing more and more widely. Today, there are millions of blessed families around the world.” She spoke the simple, irrefutable logic of love:

“A Blessed family is the basic unit to achieving Heaven’s Will …and humankind’s hope. If each and every blessed member transcends their tribe and nation and lives for the sake of the world, a world of one human family centering on God will be achieved.”

She guided the clergy “you all must receive the Blessing and, as a blessed family, you must bless your congregations. …What would happen to this nation if all [Christian] clergy upheld True Parents’ will for true families and restored all believers?”

(Citations: “Address at the Eighth Anniversary of the 777 Couples Blessing,” October 22, 1978, Soo Taek Ri, Korea; this is the Japanese translation into English, in Rev. Masayuki Kachi, “English Lecture Notes: Divine Principle Conference,” July 18-25, 2018, IPEC, Las Vegas, NV, p. 164; cf. God’s Will and the World, p. 487,; the remainder is from True Mother’s words to clergy at the Marriott Hotel, November 12, 2018.)  


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