On Mother’s Leadership (Father’s Words) 

We held the inaugural assembly of the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia in Japan on September 17, 1991, and the inaugural assembly of the Korean chapter of the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia on October 31 of the same year. Now it is time to establish the Women’s Federation for World Peace, and over the next seven months we will set up chapters throughout the world. 

By Mother taking leadership like this, she substantially came to stand right beside me. For me to go to the heavenly kingdom, both of us have to go together, and the children will have to follow after us. We have to teach them about this. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 12: 4-1-1, 1992.04.13)

Helen Alvare, professor at George Mason University and participant in the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See at the UN, wrote: “By refusing to acknowledge differences between men and women, we have a refusal by definition to consider even the possibility of complementarity. …This has led, in a variety of academic disciplines (e.g., sociology, psychology, and anthropology), to a dearth of study of the phenomenon of complementarity.” (The Family in America, 28/3, Summer, 2014, p. 335) 

The following text shows that True Mother was talking about this 22 years earlier! 

On the Women’s Movement (Mother’s Words)

The women’s movement that I have been directing has a character that is fundamentally different from the women’s rights movements that challenge male authority and assert our rights exclusively. The women’s rights movements that have developed in western societies until now reflect the antagonism and animosity that have been an integral part of western civilization’s culture of struggle.

Ours, by contrast, is a movement based on the East Asian principles of harmony that stress mutual accord and complementarity. Our movement’s ideal is to seek out tasks that men cannot perform, that is, tasks that can be performed only by women, so that we can join men in complementarity in order to establish true families. (1992.9.24, Pyeonghwa Gyeong, p. 927)

We need to establish a model for the whole world through a movement for the realization of true love in which we embrace our husbands and raise our children properly. By doing so, we need to develop the FFWP with the active support of our husbands and children. The WFWP is not a movement for women alone. It will bear the fruit of ideal families through a movement of true love for our husbands and children. (1992.8.26, Pyeonghwa Gyeong, p. 921)


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