Last night, for the first time in many years, I watched the Super Bowl. It was truly thrilling. Gripping. Emotional.


As healthy to the spirit as chips are to the stomach.

The true nation does not settle for superficiality while Satan destroys lives.  

Where are those young men and women’s lives heading? Who is caring for their hearts?

The true nation is built around the family, and the family is built around parents of purity and fidelity. This, the Super Bowl should celebrate.

The true nation does not settle for superficiality while Satan destroys lives.  

God sent Moses and Zipporah to lead Israel as parents. In His plan, “Moses’ family would have served in the role of the Tabernacle [and] become the bearer of the heavenly law.” Out of Egypt, God wanted there to arise true parents and true families. In True Father’s words:

“God wanted to see the day of the Marriage of the Lamb, which means the Messiah marrying his Bride to make a family base—matrimonial base—with which alone they could face God as the perfect subject. Only with this done, with Adam and Eve or the Messiah and his Bride put together, will they form the perfect object to God as the subject in which the male and female qualities are already inherent. Then God can operate through them as the perfect object, and that’s what makes it possible for Him to realize His restoration project.”

When the people did not follow Moses in the primary course, God told him to govern through the Tabernacle, which he called “my dwelling place among you,” and place the Word, “the two tablets symboliz[ing] restored Adam and Eve,” at its center.

If the Super Bowl celebrated true family values, what a transformation would come!

Its Law was that of parents: “You must not live according to the customs of the nations I am going to drive out before you.” Leviticus lists these customs in chapters 18 and 20: every kind of fallen love. The root of Heavenly Parent’s Law for the children of Israel was simple: abstinence before marriage, fidelity in marriage.

When the Super Bowl celebrates this, what a transformation will come!

Israel’s Tabernacle evolved into the Temple, “a house of prayer for all nations” prepared for the Son’s government. True to prophecy, by Jesus’ day, “God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven” gathered at the Temple. All was prepared for the Messiah and his Bride to govern through the marriage Blessing.

(Citations: Exposition of Divine Principle p. 245, 248; “Change of Blood Lineage I,” January 18, 1973, p. 3; Ex 25:8, 40:34-35; Lev 26:11-12, 2 Samuel 7:26-28, Isaiah 9:6-7, 56:7; Acts 2:5. “God-fearing Jews” means sympathizers of and converts to Judaism, which included people of all the nations in the Roman Empire and beyond.)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading the article. You are absolutely correct with our society today, like with the Super Bowl. I would like to share a video link with you that talks about our media today and our society today follow blindly. It talks about our media is brainwashing us with all kind of negative and fallen nature things. He continues to say if you are going to “brainwash yourself” do by reading books, being out in nature or watching inspirational videos or more importantly good spiritual food. Here is the link:
    Thanks again, May God Bless…..MANSEI


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