The King of Kings is one being, God, and the True Parent is one person, one parent.
The people of ten thousand generations are likewise the citizens of one lineage, and the children of one Heavenly Kingdom.
The headquarters of cosmic peace is also one absolute and unique headquarters.
Its representative body and heir is Moon Hyung Jin.
Any other person is a heretic and destroyer.

In this 2010 proclamation, True Father taught that the True Parents are one person, one parent. By Hee Hun Standard’s interpretation, “There is only one set of True Parents—True Father and True Mother.” 

There cannot be two sets of True Parents.

This reflects True Father’s words given in 1971: “In this world, there cannot be two sets of True Parents.” Let’s learn from his elaboration on this statement.

“Since the one appearance of the Parents of humankind is the desire of history, the desire of nations, the desire of ideologies, and the desire of the providence, the time of their appearance is an unprecedented and unrepeatable time. It is the pinnacle that comes only once in history.”

What is the nature of this pinnacle? It is not a pinnacle of politics, prosperity, the arts, sciences, or even religion.

It is the pinnacle of love, and “when the conditions for love emerge in human history,” True Father continued, “it will be for the first time.”

Unprecedented and unrepeatable.

This means that the appearance of the Parents, on the foundation of 6,000 years of providence and the tortuous lives of one man and one woman, set the conditions for love to emerge.

In Father’s mind, this event was “unprecedented and unrepeatable.” It was “the pinnacle that comes only once in history.”

Not only that! “It will establish the point from which the value of life can be bestowed. …This time is the origin of history, the focus of hope, the starting point of all blessings, and the source of eternal life.”

On another occasion, True Father focused on the that point, the Holy Wedding: the “most historical day in the history of God. This was the day the Heavenly Son came to the earth, restored the base, and welcomed the first Bride of Heaven.”

Representatives of the children of filial piety from all nations.

“The fallen world has been seeking hope for the future,” True Father concluded, and “this time establishes the eternal standard of hope in the future.”

Father then asked, “What attitude of heart and standard of behavior should the children who can receive such parents have?” A rhetorical question? Father was sure to make it clear:

“They should be representatives of the children of filial piety from all nations. …they should be champions chosen by their tribe. What are they champions of? They are champions of practicing filial piety and loyalty.”

Before whom? Before the one set of True Parents, who come only once in history.

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