I’ve been talking about true parenting. Now let’s talk about the results of inadequate parenting.

We all know what true parenting is about, and we all know we are not there yet. We are limited in our ability to give and receive love. It started when we did not experience perfect love from our own parents.

Because our parents could not exemplify true love, we could not reach true maturity. We took selfish behavior as the norm. Then when we tried to find happiness through selfish behavior, and experienced only unhappiness, we blamed others.

We all know what true parenting is about, and we all know we are not there yet.

One exemplar of this is the first offspring of fallen parents, a boy named Cain. Cain felt he deserved the blessing that had gone to Abel, his undeserving younger brother. He reasoned that this was unjust, that Abel had stolen it from him. Naturally he felt justified to murder Abel, and to call it Abel’s fault. The ABC’s of accusation, blame and criticism festered in Cain’s heart. Today it’s called resistance and deconstruction.

Interestingly, Father Moon teaches that the fallen world does need to be resisted and deconstructed. He pointed out that God has worked by deconstructing race: “God has been helping… nobody thinks it weird for an African to get married to an American… Now the world trend has become like that—God has helped them to think like this.”

He also said that God works through youth rebellion: “Hippies …give up their own home and go away in search of something. So it’s not unusual for older Unification Church members, the moment they joined the Unification Church, to give up their family, their school, everything, just holding on to the Will of God. Their exemplar is the hippies… it’s the same pattern. One way is the world’s trend and following right behind it is the heavenly trend. It is so typical. This is how the law of indemnity generally works.”

Rebellious youth resist their parents’ world for lacking true love.

Rebellious youth resist their parents’ world for lacking true love. They have a point. But they don’t have a path. They may build a great city, as Cain did, but their kings and merchants will worship adultery. As that manmade city falls, God will send the True Parents to complete the heavenly city of pure love. “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.” 

(Citation: “History and Our Responsibility,” 1978.07.18, pp. 25-6; this is dated at 07.16 on Tparents.org; that text does not include Col. Han’s closing prayer, which is quite deep, nor the 11 pages of Father’s continuation of the speech after the prayer, from which this citation is taken; Gen 4:17, Rev. 18:3, 22:14. The photo credit to: http://all-that-is-interesting.com/a-brief-history-of-hippies.)


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