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Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon was born 23 years after her husband, and he has pre-deceased her. In the early 1990s he declared her the co-founder of the movement. True Parents shared leadership continues with True Father in Heaven and True Mother on earth. It’s what we call the “age of the wife.”

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On the 56th anniversary of the True Parents’ Blessing, True Mother distributed sacraments of the Blessing for all humankind, called Holy Items. These, like the Christian sacraments, bestow grace, including forgiveness, incorporation into the body of Christ, and holy matrimony. They bestow the power to separate from Satan, receive the original love of God and live as one family under God eternally. Study the Holy Items in this series of eight articles.

The Holy Items

The Journey Inside

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - The Journey Inside At the recent 56th Anniversary of Father...

New Upon the Face of the Earth

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - New Upon The Face of The Earth In the Christian tradition,...

God’s Touch Comes Through Parents

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - God's Touch Comes Through Parents   What is it that sacraments...

God’s Love Made Real

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - God's Love Made Real The wife and mother are essential...

At the Intersection of Theology and Biology

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - At the Intersection of Theology and Biology “Only the perfected...

Rebirth in Heaven and Earth

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - Rebirth in Heaven and Earth In her Holy Items prayer, given...

Divine Love, Life and Lineage

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - Divine Love, Life and Lineage A true child is created when...

The Second Advent Ministry

The Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk and Our Eternal Life with True Parents - The Second Advent Ministry The upcoming sacramental ceremony begins with...
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In December of 1971, Hak Ja Han Moon arrived in America as an immigrant, refugee and member of an oppressed minority. In December of 2016, America received her as its True Mother, to declare God’s will for America. These five articles, delivered at the founding of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in America, explain the meaning of True Mother’s words to members of the US Congress.

True Mother In America

We Must Become God’s True Children

In the face of rejection, True Parents gave to America; they gave and gave again. They will not let go of their elder son,...

A Mother Forbears Sin As Immaturity

When American founding father John Adams referred to “the noblest and most generous affections of our nature” upon which government should be based, he...

The “R” Word: It Rhymes with Freedom

In Washington, DC, November 30, 2016, True Mother opened her speech to American and international parliamentarians with a call to “begin a movement in...

Refugee, Immigrant, Oppressed Minority

There are a huge number of refugees in the world today. They emigrate from countries ravaged by war, crime, poverty and famine. Countries in...
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Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our True Mother, has declared she is God’s only begotten Daughter. What does this mean? Is this new, or is it something Rev. Moon taught? What does it mean for all women, and for men too? Is she the only one, or can each of us be “only begotten”? This series of twelve articles explores these questions and finds some surprising answers—including about our eternal life, not just in Heaven.

Begotten of God

The Marriage-Centric Cosmos

Divine Principle says the things of the natural world reflect God “symbolically” and human beings are God’s “image.” What does it mean to reflect...

Male Female Heart Design

  John Gray’s Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus highlights what distinguishes male and female. Our Unificationist emphasis is different: male and female are...

The Sperm, the Ovum, and You

True Father told us that “Everyone is conceived through the grace of God and the love of his or her parents.” This means that...

The Principle of Yucky

While the world’s great esoteric traditions talked about sex, they could not give God ownership of it. For this reason, they could not discover...

Sex and World Peace

Two former US presidents were in attendance, together with hundreds of eminent clergy, scholars and social leaders. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher sent video...

Male and Female

True Father asked, “Who is that causal being? Is it male? Is it female?” He didn’t answer it directly. It was his speech to...

Eternal Life on Earth?

Some religions believe that in God’s kingdom the saints will enjoy eternal physical life. As one group states, there will be “No more sickness,...

Infinite Desire, Perfect Satisfaction

“If there had been no Fall, earthly people would be able to relate with spirits just as naturally as they relate among themselves.” Are...

The Multiplication of Human Spirits

Divine Principle views human beings as the mediators and center of harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds, and describes many outcomes of this...

The Center of the Cosmos

Divine Principle teaches that “spiritual realities resonate through the body and manifest themselves as physiological phenomena.” Creating a baby through sexual intercourse is...

The Word Made Flesh

Eternal life comes to Earth by the multiplication of new spirits. By husband-wife union, “the Word of God is incarnated.” How does this incarnation...

True Parents Create True Parents

All blessed couples are to become seed and womb of God’s kingdom.   SEED “To be owners you must unite your mind and body together as...
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On April 10, 1992, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our True Mother, gave the keynote address that launched the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP). On July 15, 2017, with her having announced the event forty days beforehand, 20,000 gathered in Madison Square Garden to receive her message. This series of twenty-one articles tells the story of True Mother’s path to reach that stage, and of the true love of New York that received her.

Peace Starts with Me

True Mother’s First Message

On April 10, 1992, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our True Mother, gave the keynote address that launched the...

The Fruit of the Womb

True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, began her public career by inaugurating, with True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Women’s Federation for...

The Twin Towers

I consider the political Left and Right to represent feminine and masculine perspectives, and our age to be one in which both are restoring...

Crushing the Head of the Serpent

In her address inaugurating the Women’s Federation for World Peace, True Mother Hak Ja Han Moon called women to bring God-centered unity into the...

True Parents’ Revelation Goes On

In three weeks, for the first time, a woman religious leader will speak at Madison Square Garden. That woman is our True Mother, Dr....

True Mother’s Surprising Mission

At Washington Monument, True Parents completed the foundation to receive American Christianity, the global level Bride. Nine months later, True Father transferred the Bride’s...

The Modest Messiah

On Wednesday we discussed True Father’s statement that a representative woman, Eve, “must take the role of John the Baptist in bringing perfected Adam...

Principles, Positions and Paradoxes

To proceed with my interpretation of True Mother’s work, I need to devote this article to the matter of providential positions. “Position” is a...

He Becomes a Sinner So We Can Be Sinless

My first experience of True Father was in the spirit, months before I met the movement. One night, I awoke from sleep, face to...

True Parents Are Truly God and Truly Human

From the perspective of the fallen world, Jesus Christ is a paradox: truly God and truly human. Many early Christian churches emphasized one over...

There Is a Way To Be Only Begotten

On May 1, 1977, True Father prophesied that his successor would appear in fifteen years. “I feel I can give myself totally for 15...

True Father Taught Gender Balance

The Divine Principle gives men women equal value and equal subjectivity in creation and in restoration. Man and woman each appear sometimes as subject...

Not Through Human Eyes

True Father told us how to become his true, only begotten children: “We have to think of the Lord of the Second Advent as...

True Mother’s Heungnam Prison

How do we describe True Mother’s suffering? Begin with the position of John the Baptist. When Jesus ascended to the position of spiritual Messiah,...

A Lonely Understanding: The Path of True Mother

True Mother tells us that she went her course alone. Wait a minute. She had True Father, a huge family, countless members around her....
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Vienna is an historical dividing line of religions and nations. True Parents’ peace, brought to Vienna, coincides with the current developments on the Korean Peninsula. This series covers both, highlighting Rev. and Mrs. Moon called for transformation of demilitarized zones into peace zones and religions into one family under God.

Peace of Vienna

God’s Only Daughter Unites the Abrahamic Faiths

Two days from now, our True Mother, God’s only Daughter, will speak at a landmark “Peace Starts with Me” rally in Vienna. Why did...

How Love Will Unify Korea

God’s true love, substantiated in the family, is the universal principle of peace, for the world and for the Korean Peninsula. In True Father’s...

Reuniting the Parent Nation

The reunification of the warring brothers on the Korean Peninsula began with family ties. In his speech to North Korea’s leadership in the Supreme...

Only Koreans Can Unite Korea

Only the divorced spouses can restore a marriage. Only Koreans can unite Korea. This was Father’s message: “We can no longer afford to allow...

Faith and Substance in North Korea

True Parents’ work for North Korea is a case study in the application of Divine Principle. True Father said that unity means “to become...

Korea’s DMZ Will Be a Peace Zone

True Father said that love calls us to remove barriers between ourselves and our enemy. “Satan and his followers dwell wherever there are barriers,”...

A New Nation, Conceived in Love

Rev. Moon called the United Nations to build peace zones. What is a peace zone? A “zone” is simply a jurisdiction, an area in...

Peace Zone Economics

The April 27 Inter-Korean Summit declared that “the two sides agreed to transform the demilitarized zone into a peace zone in a genuine sense.”...

The Peace Road Is a Straight Shot

In 1992, True Father rendered a simple critique of the world’s economy: “Developed countries try to place weaker nations under their control.” He made...

The World’s Upper House

In 2017, one woman organized a rally of 80,000 in Seoul for the reunification of Korea. Her message was all theology, and with her...

How the UN Can Balance Religions, Parties and Economies

Rev. Moon called the UN to lead the world beyond conflict by creating peace zones. “These zones, under UN leadership, will give rise to...

Abel. Women. The UN. Revolution.

In his last public speech, True Father called the Women's Federation to establish “a great organization under the name Abel Women’s UN.” As would...

How Women Will Rule the World

When True Father called it the Abel Women’s UN, he was saying that women are Abel. Which means men are Cain. By the way, guys,...

Pilate’s Failure, True Father’s Victory

True Father took women’s responsibility very seriously: “It is up to women to see that the evil forces, led primarily by men, …are now...
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On March 16 of this year, True Mother delivered a veritable Sermon on the Mount to the American leadership in Las Vegas. Updating the Divine Principle? No successor to True Parents? The lineage of the High Priest? It’s all God’s Word, and it’s all good.

True Mother's Sermon on the Mount

Updating the Divine Principle

On March 16 in Las Vegas, True Mother said, ”I have patiently waited and endured for a long time. I was born and grew...

Gods Life Story

It has been said that “theology is biography.” Think about it: The Bible consists of biographies, from Adam and Eve through Israel’s families up...
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Jesus came as the bridegroom to all humanity. All devout believers should become his brides, awaiting the time of his return. After these brides celebrate the marriage of the Lamb with Jesus, their bridegroom, they are to live in the Kingdom of Heaven in oneness with him. …Therefore, the Completed Testament Age following the Second Advent of Jesus is …the age of the wife. (Exposition of Divine Principle, p. 210)

The Age of Wife

A Model of Female Righteousness

What we see in the Bible is not a picture of God’s ideal; it’s a history of restoration. In the Old and New Testaments,...

Bringing Perfected Adam to the World

In 1977, True Father said, “The role of John the Baptist was similar to the bride's role …the coming of the Second Advent will...

To Proclaim True Father, True Mother Defeated Satan

On June 12, 1999, True Father proclaimed that True Mother had fulfilled the John the Baptist mission. To do so required that she defeat...

The Mother of Three Ages

On June 12, 1999, True Father declared, “Mother established the condition through the 80-city speaking tour to make even Satan surrender to God, True...

The Predestination of True Mother

The Divine Principle’s lessons from Adam’s family illuminates the predestination of True Mother. First, it speaks of “God’s conditional predestination of the accomplishment of...

The Heritage of a Revolutionary Queen

Principle teaches that God’s call comes based upon five qualifications, so from True Father’s point of view, Hak Ja Han met those qualifications. The...

How Hak Ja Han Was Born Without Sin

True Father knew that Hak Ja Han met five qualifications when he called her to be his wife. Our previous article was on the...

True Mother’s Character: “I Follow God.”

True Father knew that Hak Ja Han met five qualifications when he called her to be his wife. We have covered the first and...

The Succession of the Holy Spirit

True Father knew that Hak Ja Han met five qualifications when he called her to be his wife. We have covered the first three....

Bending the Arc of History

True Father knew that Hak Ja Han met five qualifications when he called her to be his wife. We have covered the first four....

The First Predestined Event Since the Fall

Shortly after she joined the Unification Church, Soon Ae Hong introduced her daughter to her new pastor. In his autobiography, True Father recalls the...

Fulfilling God’s Need, Not Man’s

The fifth condition for predestination states, “God selects first the individual who lives in a time and place most fitting to His need.” A...

The Perfected Woman Opens the Gate

Divine Principle states that “When God chooses a person or a nation to accomplish His Will, He never predestines in absolute terms whether that...