True Father explained how Adam and Eve were to protect the archangels in Eden.

It began with their own perfection. “The ultimate goal of God is to find one perfected Adam, but that Adam cannot come into being unless an Eve is found through whom he can be perfected.” Reciprocally, “Eve also had no way to reach perfection without Adam.

To build their relationship, Adam and Eve both had to sacrifice.

This required sacrifice of both Adam and Eve. Adam had to sacrifice his adventures. Eve had to sacrifice her enchantment over being escorted by her heavenly hosts.

The brother and sister had to put each other first.   

Adam had to provide Eve a masculine love stronger than that of the archangel. “From Adam’s point of view, Eve and the three archangels were to have followed him.” Eve, whose beauty naturally attracted Adam, had to have the heart of his mother until he won her heart as his wife.

Together, representing God, Adam and Eve had to care for the archangels. “God and His sons and daughters enter heaven only after they are able to love the archangel.”

As God’s Son, Adam had to inherit what the archangels could teach and surpass them. With Heavenly Mother’s heart, Eve had to honor the archangels’ eons of service to Heavenly Father.

This was the key to Adam and Eve dominating the creation with love. Eve would have blossomed as “God’s queen and His external incarnation …the wife of God.”

Talk about childcare—the angels would have been the best.

As servants of the true Lord and Lady, the archangels, centering on Lucifer, would have naturally fulfilled their portion of responsibility. To their noble wards, who were still in the indirect dominion, these servants would have conveyed more and more words from God.


Service to these pure and focused humans would have protected the archangels from entertaining selfish desires. Adam and Eve’s intense commitment to each other within the Commandment would have brought the archangels to worship them.

Adam and Eve completing their four-position foundation would have given them children, with a celebration in heaven greater than the first Christmas. Talk about childcare—the angels would have been the best, serving them with care rivaled only by that of their Heavenly Grandparent.

With God’s Blessing, “Eve and the three archangels, centering on Adam, were to unite with God and enter the Heavenly Kingdom.”

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