The original women’s culture

The culture of the oceanic sphere constitutes the original women’s culture, transcending all nations and crossing all oceans. To create this culture, all women need to unite in heart and take concerted action under the guidance of True Mother. (2008.08.27, Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, p. 1587)

God needs a female object partner, the Queen of heaven

God, the masculine subject partner, has had no partner. He needs a female object partner. She is His partner, and at the same time she is the Queen of the earth. She is the Queen of the tribes and Queen of the families. She stands as the Grandmother of all ancestors, the Mother of all humankind, the Wife of God and the Daughter of God. True Mother is such a woman, with the value of the original True Mother. She is the Queen of heaven, the Queen of the earth, the Queen of the nation, the Grandmother to her ancestors, the Mother of humankind, the Wife of God and the Daughter of God. Mother’s value is found in all of these roles combined together. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 1:2-2-5, 2002.12.09)

All their sons and daughters can enter in their wake

Through our restoration of the era of indemnity, True Mother emerged. The ideal of creation was completed both spiritually in heaven and physically on earth, so it became possible to perform True Parents’ Holy Wedding and institute registration. Then children’s Blessings and the registration of their births became possible on earth. The physical True Parents stand in the parental position in the spirit world beginning when True Parents enter into heaven. Also, after True Parents enter into heaven as the incarnation of God, all their sons and daughters can enter in their wake. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 12-4-3-4, 2003.08.04)


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