The people of ten thousand generations are likewise the citizens of one lineage, and the children of one Heavenly Kingdom.

True Parents stated that blessed couples are their true children. “After we find our True Parents,” True Father said, “[we] are restored to the position of True Children through the Blessing of marriage.” At that point, our “position is that of Adam and Eve prior to their Fall.”

How do we “find our True Parents”?

True Father’s answer: through filial piety.

How do we “find our True Parents”? True Father’s answer: through filial piety.

“It is the Principle that when parents have children of filial piety, Satan will be subjugated. …if Adam and Eve had maintained filial piety, uniting with God, the archangel would have [been] subjugated.”

To become True Children, he continued, we must subjugate Satan on three stages:

First, ”We must subjugate Satan who is the parent of servants. Next, we must subjugate the parent of the adopted children. Then, for the first time, we can become the direct sons and daughters of God.”

This means that we first win the hearts of people in the servant position, the Old Testament Age, and then in the adopted child position, the New Testament Age.

This takes our mission to the world, and “It is greater filial piety to serve the parents of the nation than those of your own family, and even more so to serve the parents of the world.”

But we must do so in oneness with the parents of our own family who, in Father’s words, “will consult with his father even on the smallest detail of daily life.” Such a child will “learn everything through filial piety.”

To serve the parents of heaven and earth takes us back home, to our hometown.

By so doing, we reach the third stage, beyond the nation and world, ”to serve the parents of heaven and earth.” This takes us back home, to our hometown.

True Father defined filial piety as to “willingly live a life of reporting and asking permission.” Without this, he said, “you will have to live life only as you are told to do,” the life of a servant.

Filial piety, willingly reporting to one’s parents and asking permission, is not servitude. Attending parents is freedom, for they will declare for the youngest son, “Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand” and to the eldest son “all that I have is thine.”

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