We live in a time when women can move the world

We live in a time when women can move the world for God’s providence of restoration. The time has come when Eve can emerge to restore the world. This Eve is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit and the representative of all women on earth. She must become a true wife and a true mother; then she must become a true queen.  

God has sought for such a woman, who can become a true mother, a true wife, a true queen, and more. Once God calls her, this woman should be able to reject Satan’s world and march bravely forward. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 1:1-2-39, 1977. 05. 01)

Even when I am alone, I represent True Parents. And the same goes for Mother.

Even when I am alone, I represent True Parents. And the same goes for Mother. When she is alone, she represents True Parents. Mother represents True Parents. You should not say things like, “Now, since Father is over 70, why hasn’t he designated an heir?” Mother and Father are still alive, and our children are here as well. There is no need to worry.

True Mother and our sons and daughters have to continue living for the sake of others with the absolute love of God, even more than the church members. You should keep this in mind. But just in case something goes wrong with our descendants or something goes against the Principle, we will create a system to correct the matter through family meetings.

Now there is nothing to worry about. Fundamentally I am the first founder of the church and Mother is the second founder of the church. Up to this point women have followed men, but from now on they are on a horizontally even footing. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 12:4-3-3, 1990. 03. 27)

The second founder

True Mother has worked so hard. She has suffered a great deal and has undergone many hardships in her life but has overcome everything. All of her hardships served to train her.  

True Mother has many good natural abilities. She is quiet but bold. You would not expect that she could embrace and unite an audience without hesitation. I am sure that all of you know that the title “second founder of the church,” which makes her status equal to mine, is not just words, and that you feel, “Father gave her this title on the basis of knowing her well.” At this time, when we might have needed more than a year to make this foundation in God’s providence, she made it so quickly. You have the responsibility to do even more than Mother. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 12:4-3-2, 1991. 10. 11)


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